world war 1

  • reasons

    It all began in 1867 but it finally happened in July 1914 in Balkans. There were seven causes ranging from politics to military. It all started when Franz Fredinland and his wife Sophie, were assansinated by Gavrillo Princip on July 28, 1914.
  • germany

    Germany declared war on Russia's ally France. They declared war on Russia,and invaded Belguim to which Belguim declared war on Germany.
  • sea battle 1

    sea battle 1
    the first major sea battle was when the german fleet was destroyed by the royal navy
  • *not a date -information*

    *not a date -information*
    the canadians casualites are; 67,000 killed, 250,000 wounded. they mobalized 620,000 mobalized and gained 39% wide spread support. they had a small permentent army, a regular army of only 3,110 and a fleding navy.
  • *no date-information only*

    *no date-information only*
    the canadian soldiers were first under british command and then under canadian born commander.
  • *not a date-information only*

    *not a date-information only*
    the canadian corps contained mostly voluntiers and had 5 divisions.
  • first battle

    first battle
    their first battle had begun however they were reinforcements, it taught the canadans that the brithish artilery bombarment was too light and they began to make plans.
  • *all of april 1915 facts*

    *all of april 1915 facts*
    the 1st divition reinforce the salient, april 22 the germans use gas, only the canadians are able to hold line. april 24 after 48 hours they recieved 6,000 casualties.
  • the great war

    the great war
    U-boat sinks the Lustitania killing 1,198 which included 128 americans died.
  • great war

    great war
    british gas the Loo's however a wind change turns the gas back to the british making 60,000 casualities.
  • no date-information only*

    no date-information only*
    the causes that got canada involved were when the british joined the battle the canadians were automatacly involved because they were still teachnacly joined with the british in a treaty. however canada could chose how involved they wanted to be.
  • beginign of 1916

    beginign of 1916
    canadian corps assulted the 2,200 yard spector.
  • november on wards.

    november on wards.
    4th canadian division secure most of the german trenches in courceletties. once finished they re-joined at vimy ridge. the battle of Somme took 24,000 canadian casualites but they also gave formadimal assult force, they were nicknamed "shock troops" becuase they were perpared for the worse.
  • tanks

    soon after two scientists inventing them tanks were used. they made good progress but they were still unreliable. this was the first time they were ever used.
  • sea battle 2

    sea battle 2
    the second major sea battle was the battle of jutland
  • attack 2

    attack 2
    the 2nd division finshed soon after the 3rd at 7:30. at 11 am the Blue line, Hill 135, Thelus were captured. the canadian corps suffered 10,602 casualties which were 3,598 dead and 7004 wounded.the german sixth had unkown dead and 4000 captured.
  • attack

    the attack began at 5:43 am easter morning on Vimy Ridge. every 3 minutes they moved 100 yards at time giving light fire. the 1,2,3 corps caputed the black line at 6:25 am. 4th division finished hours later. 7 am 1st diviosn finished their second objective.
  • sea battle 3

    sea battle 3
    the germans sunk the U.S.S Housatonic in to which the united states declared war on germany
  • *varied dates-information only*

    *varied dates-information only*
    Passchendele phases were given on october 26, october 30, and november 6th. the second battle had the canaidian corps at 15,654, of which 4000 died in 16 days.
  • passchendale

    in 102 days the allies advanced only 5 miles at the cost of 400,000 lives.
  • no-dates-information only*

    no-dates-information only*
    america: had managed to stay out of the war until a german u-boat sunk a passenger boat killing 128 americans. germany: had managed to make good progress and have so many effects on everything even as they lost many and lost the war. canada: had played many big parts in the war agianst all odds, their accomplishments played a major part in winning the war.
  • no dates-information only*

    no dates-information only*
    the defining moments for each nation were. Russia: even when they had many problems they held the eastern front until they retreated in order to protect themselves and their secrets. england:they had managed to invent the tanks which had been one of the turning points in the war. Austro-hungary: they had many allies to help them even when some of the allies were fighting one another.
  • no date-withdrawl*

    no date-withdrawl*
    Russia decided to with draw from the war.
  • hundered days offense

    hundered days offense
    the canadians drove the germans out suffering 46,000 casualties.
  • in memory *not his picture*

    in memory *not his picture*
    the last canadian killed was GEORGE LAWRENCE PRINCE. he was killed two minutes berfore the armistice took affect at 11am.
  • treaty

    among all the treaty's signed the first treaty signed was the treaty of versailes.
  • no dates-information only*

    no dates-information only*
    the paris peace conference imposed a series of peace treaties on the centeral powers officaly ending the war. the treaty of versalilles dealt with germany and building on Wilson's 14th point brought into being the league of nations on june 28 1919
  • no dates- consequense of the league of nations*

    no dates- consequense of the league of nations*
    After the war some people revolted against nationalism and it's results. They began working towards a more internationalist world. They supported groups like the league of nations.
  • no date-information only*

    no date-information only*
    the canadian consequences were not all bad, T+hey of course lost people and money but historians say that it was a step forward in canadas evolution. They soon made foreign relations and treaties thanks to the war which made them think about other places.
  • *no date-information only* consequenses

    *no date-information only* consequenses
    the war changed europe drasticly in which made four empires disappear. some more fell but didnt disappear others were damaged. some went back to their former independents. Belgium, Serbia, and france together had 1.4 million dead and Germany and Russia had similar things. america alone spent 20 million dollars on the war.
  • *no date-information only* major nations

    *no date-information only* major nations
    the major nations involved were; Russia, England, America, Germany, Canada, Austria-hungary. each of these nations played major parts in the war.
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  • no dates-links*

    no dates-links*
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