World History Time Line

  • 221

    Qin Dynasty 221-207 BC

    The first dynasty to unify China. Introduced legalism as equal to every person.
  • 272

    Emperor Constantine 272-337

    Was converted to Christianity after the Battle at Milvian Bridge. Ended up becomeing a Patron of the Church.
  • 400

    Vedic Period 1500 BCE-400

    Wealth was measured in the number of cattle. Rituals are a big part of this period. Believed in many gods for specific things. Four castes emerged with Brahmins being the most importaint.
  • 483

    Siddhartha Gautama 536-483 BCE

    Was Buddha. He did not understand why the system he lived in was happening so when he was 29 he left to become a wondering hermit and find why people suffer during these rituals.
  • 500

    Japanese Classical Period 500-1185

    A period in time when Japan was heavily influenced by the Chinese norms and values. This led right up to the Feudal period in Japan.
  • Dec 15, 600

    Christian West 600-1000

    The Church gains power with the fall of Roman Empire. Missionaries force religion upon everyone.
  • Dec 15, 768

    Charlemagne's Christian Europe 768-814

    He was the King of France. He controlled much of Western Europe.
  • Dec 15, 800

    European Feudalism 800-1400

    A set of reciprocal legal and military obligations amount warrior nobility.
  • Dec 15, 800

    Mamluk Slave System 800-1800

    Malmuk slaves were born into slave familys mostly in Egypt and the held some respect in the community. The were trained in military and religious fields.
  • Dec 15, 925

    Isrelites Divide 925 BC

    Isreal divides due to civil war and ends up in two groups the Isreal and Judahs.
  • Oct 27, 970

    Leif Erikkson is a Boss 970-1020

    Leif Erikkson is the most notable Viking in history.
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Viking Age 790-1066

    Vikings were from the groups of people called the Danes and the Norwegians. They conqured and settled parts of Britain, Russia and as far east as Baghdad.
  • Oct 27, 1162

    Ghengis Khan 1162-1227

    Leader of the Mongol Empire. There is a .5% chance any Chinese or Mongolian person is related to him because he had so many children with so many different people.
  • Dec 15, 1185

    Feudal Japan 1185-1868

    A time period in Japanese culture where class was determined by the cast system.
  • Oct 27, 1200

    Mongol Empire 1200-1400

    An always on the move Empired that was largely made up of herders and nomads. The leader was Ghengis Khan.
  • Dec 15, 1200

    Isrealites Enter Canaan 1200 BC

    Acording to oft incorect bible the Irelaites entered Canaan in 1400 BC but reliable historic sources say it was more likely 1200 BC. King David starts to rule in 1000 BC his son Solomon after him.
  • Oct 27, 1312

    Mansa Musa 1312‐1337

    Member of the Mali Empire made his 
pilgrimage to Mecca and brought back muslim scholars and architects,
  • Oct 27, 1320

    Black Plauge

    A plauge brought from China to Europe that killed 1/3 of all European population.
  • Oct 27, 1427

    Aztec Empire

    United Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan cities. By then 1500 the Empire had 25 million members.
  • Oct 27, 1484

    Bartolomé de las Casas 1484-1566

    He was a priest, bishop and writer. He opposed what the spanish were doing to the natives and believed it to be genocide.
  • Oct 27, 1492

    Hispaniola Experiment 1492-1519

    The Spanish decided to test out different ways of colonialism on an island that is now Haiti/Dominican Republic.
  • Dec 15, 1551

    Spanish Conquest 1551-1697

    This is the time period when the Spanish take over the Mayan civilization with superior firepower and most importaintly diseases.
  • British Empire 1584-1997

    This is the largest empire in history with land in every continent exept Antartica. In 1920 one fourth of the worlds population was under British rule.
  • Mali Empire 1230-1600

    Founded by Sundiata Keita who unified tribes and spread a chosen language. Lion King is based off of Kundiatas life.
  • East India Trading Company 1600-1866?

    A trade company that aquired so much money, power and people it had its own army and took over land even though it was just a buisness.
  • Aryan Migration to Southern Asia 1750

    This movement lead to the start of Hinduism.
  • Homosexual Marrages are Declaired Wierd in the Late 19th Century

    Before 1890 homosexual marrages we fairly normal. After 1890 people decided that it was a horrible thing.
  • First Cities 4000-2000 BC

    The first cities pop up in Egypt, Pakistan, and Iraq. Time Toast does not do BC Dates sorry I just put the dates into the title.
  • Early Mayan Civilization 2600 BCE

    The earliest recorded evidence of Mayan society.
  • The Crusades 1096-1271

    A series of multipule religious battles between the Christians and the Muslims. Each of which believe they are correct because there book says so and the proceed to kill each other although it is wrong in both religions.