Women's Suffrge Movement

  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention was an early and influential women's rights convention, Susan B. Anthony, a leading proponent of woman suffrage. Said "[I] would sooner cut off my right hand than ask for the ballot for the black man and not for women"
  • Carry Nation and the WCTU

    WCTU was found in Cleveland, Spearheaded the crusade for prohibaition. United States prohibitionist who raided saloons and destroyed bottles of liquor with a hatchet.
  • NAWSA Formed

    National American Woman Suffrage Association was an American women's rights organization formed in May 1890 as a unification of the National Woman Suffrage Association and the American Woman Suffrage Association NAWSA continued the work of both associations by becoming the parent organization of hundreds of smaller local and state groups.
  • Carrie Chapman Catt and New NAWSA Tactics

    Carrie Chapman Catt was a American refomer designed the strategy for the final victory of the woman's suffrage movement in 1920 and founded the League of Women Voters.
  • 19th Amendment

    United States citizen to be denied the right to vote based on sex. It was ratified. The Constitution allows the states to determine the qualifications for voting.