Women labor

Women's Labor Movement

  • First Society of working women

    First Society of working women
    The Daughters of Liberty a group that was involved in politcs and proved that they were beneficial to the country.
  • Workers Strike

    Workers Strike
    First time women workers striked in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. 102 women protested the reduction in wages and extension of workdays.
  • First Union

    First Union
    This was the first women formed it was called "The United Tailoresses of New York" These women protested agains unfair wages and poor working conditions.
  • United Tailoressess of New York

    United Tailoressess of New York
    About 1600 women went on strike for "just price for our labor"
  • 10 Hour Work Days in Philadelphia

    Andrew Jackson declares 10-hour work days in Philadelphia Navy Yard.
  • Female Labor Reformed Association

    Female Labor Reformed Association
    The Association was formed in Lowell Massachusetts by Sarah Bagley and other women. Women who worked in cotton mill wanted a reduction in work hours from 12 or 13 to 10 hour days.
  • Abolish Slavery

    The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution eliminates slavery.
  • First National Union

    Women Shoemakes establish first national union of women workers in Lynn Massachusetts.
  • Law passed for Equal Pay

    Law passed for Equal Pay
    Congress passes a law for federal employee equal pay for equal work.
  • Atlanta Georgia Women Strike

    About 3,000 black women who were laundry workers strike one of the most successful strikes in history of the south.
  • Jane Adams and Hull House in Chicago

    Jane Adams and Hull House in Chicago
    Mrs. Adams helps the poor with this establishement, which then serves as an example for women to open more houses like this one. Social work becomes a profession for women based on this house project.
  • National Organization of Colored Women

    National Organization of Colored Women
    The organization is formed
  • National Consumers League

    Florence Kelley is the President for this league. It helps women to push for better working conditions and protective law for women workers.
  • Mill Children

    Mill Children
    Mary Harris Jones march against the fight of mill children. Many who were victims of industrial accidents, from Philadelphia to New York.
  • National Women's Trade Union League

    National Women's Trade Union League
    An organization formed to improve wages and working conditions for women. Mary Morton Kehew elected president and Jane Adams vice-president.
  • Birth Control Pamphlet

    Birth Control Pamphlet
    Activist Margaret Sanger is indicted for distributing birth control pampleth with the tittle Family Limitation
  • Birth Control

    Birth Control
    Margaret Sanger wins suit in NY to allow doctors to advice couples about birth control.
  • Women's Bureau Department of Labor

    This department is formed and it helps women collect information about working conditions for women.
  • Mary McLeod Bethune against discrimination

    Mary McLeod Bethune against discrimination
    She organzied the National Council of Black Negro Women, it was a group that was again job discrimination, racism and sexism.
  • WWII shortage of workers

    WWII shortage of workers
    Because of the war there was plenty of jobs available. It gave the opportunity for women to get high-paying jobs. About seven million women enter the workforce some in heavy industry.
  • Truman Signs Executive order 9981

    "It is hereby declared to be the policy of the President that there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion or national origin"
  • Chicano Movement

    Chicano Movement
    United Farm Workers Organizing Committee, restoration of farm land, farm workers right, education and political rights.
  • Equal Pay Act

    Congress passes the law for equal pay, this made it illegal to pay a man more than a woman for the same job.
  • National Organization for Women

    National Organization for Women
    A group founded by a group of feminist. It was one of the largest groups formed to end discrimination, in the work place, lobbying, litigation and public demonstration.
  • Segregation Ended

    Segregation ended in the United States
  • Equal Rights Amendment

    Law passed by Congress and sent to the states for approval
  • Pregnacy Discrimination Act

    An Act that protected pregnat women from getting fired, denied job or a promotion.
  • Women in Combat

    Women in Combat
    Women were allowe to serve in combat for the first time during the Gulf War.
  • Hillary Clinton Elected to U.S. Senate

    Hillary Clinton Elected to U.S. Senate
    Hillary Clinton was the "first lady" elected to national office.
  • Condoleezza Rice

    Condoleezza Rice
    Rice becomes the first African-American female Secratary of State
  • President Obama Signs "Fair Pay Restoration Act"

    This act allower victims to file a complaint with the goverment against their employers wihtin 180 days. If women believe they are getting paid less they can file a complain