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How Feminism Affected the Status of Women

  • Period: to

    Status of Women in the 19th century

    Women were expected to stay at home and do housework. They focused on housework and the rearing of children. Women often weren’t educated beyond grade school, and neither were they allowed to vote. The First Wave of Feminism changed everything.
  • Women in Rome

    Women in Rome
    In Rome, women were considered the property of their father or husband. Women also weren’t allowed to inherit property from their dead husbands. They were also put to death if they committed adultery. Women were considered inferior.
  • Status of women in Victorian England

    Status of women in Victorian England
    In the Victorian era, marriage meant that the bride would give all rights to the groom. The husband can divorce women on grounds of adultery or if she couldn't produce children, the women was to divorce, she would lose a considerate amount of her dowry and she would be cast in shame and the men would keep the dowry A video with Kathryn Huges detailing the roles and expectations of women in the 19th century
  • First wave of Feminism

    First wave of Feminism
    A Period of time between the 1800s and the 1900s where women protested for equality between genders and in particular the right to vote. They tried to make more opportunities for women.They Started Seneca falls convention in 1848 where 300 men and women stood together for gender equality Mostly focused on white middle class women. Women were eligible to vote in some European countries such as the UK and also in most of the US and Canada. Huge step forward as before women barely had any rights
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    This was held to discuss women's rights and roles in society. This was hosted by a group of female Quakers and was held during July 19th and 20th. This event was the first one to support th empowerment of women and inspired subsequent women's rights movements. Proposed the Declaration of Sentiments for women.
  • National Women's Rights Convention

    National Women's Rights Convention
    This event was an annual series of meetings discussing Women's rights held in Worchester. With the meeting hosting both men and women, support was raised for women's rights. A key topic in these meetings were wage equality and suffrage.
  • New Zealand grants right to vote to women

    New Zealand grants right to vote to women
    First Self-Governing country to give voting rights to women
  • Finland grants right to vote

    Finland grants right to vote
  • Norway grants voting rights to women

    Norway grants voting rights to women
  • Denmark grants right to vote to women

    Denmark grants right to vote to women
  • Canada grants right to vote to women

    Canada grants right to vote to women
    Canada grants the right to vote to women. This did not include aboriginal women. They were allowed to vote only in the 1960s.
  • Representation of the People Act 1918

    Representation of the People Act 1918
    Women over the age of 30 in the UK were granted the right to vote
  • Video of Timeline of women's suffrage

    Encyclopaedia Britannica informs about timeline of women's suffrage
    Watch as time progresses countries start giving women the right to vote
    (Saudi Arabia granted women with the right to vote in 2011)
  • Period: to

    Second wave of Feminism

    Protested for women’s sexual and reproductive rights as well as social equality.
  • What was the 2nd wave of Feminism

    What was the 2nd wave of Feminism
    Fought against subjugation of women and tried to overturn stereotypical views of women as domestic. Women from minorities were also involved, and reproductive and sexual rights were a huge topic during this time.
  • Mrs. America Atlantic City Parade Protest

    Mrs. America Atlantic City Parade Protest
    Protested against women being objectified and threw objects such as bras into the trash can as it objectified women as decoration for men and the women were herded like cattle.
  • 2nd Wave Feminism

  • Results of the second wave

    Results of the second wave
    Now women have access to more career options, pills, and abortions
  • Video about 3rd wave

  • 3rd wave of feminism

    3rd wave of feminism
    This wave was created by young people incorporating individuality and personal beliefs to feminism. Embraced objects that sexualised them so that those same objects would empower them. Also created the current prereconception of feminism
  • Period: to

    3rd wave of feminism

  • Negative connotations

    Negative connotations
    Created distinction between men and women
    Women were portrayed as "men-haters"
    Sexuality and personal expression was misunderstood.
    They were just confusing in general about their message. Men weren't really involved in this either.
  • Period: to

    21st century

  • Status of women now pt 2

    They now can divorce equally, run for political positions, and have any career they wish if they work hard enough. Women can choose to have abortions, pills, and sexual freedom. They can do anything they want before marriage.Women can have joint custody of children and society now condemns spousal abuse as opposed to ancient times where the men of the family could choose to kill their daughters or wife for adultery. Sexual abuse warrants a prison term. Women are equal to men under the law.
  • Status of women now

    Status of women now
    Women now have access to higher institutions of learning as opposed to the past when they weren’t even allowed to be sent to school unless it was to learn female etiquette or entertain their husbands.THey had to be rich too. Women can now choose their careers as opposed to depending on their husbands. They can work and no longer have to be bound to housework. They also no longer considered property of their husbands and are equal under the law.
  • A video detailng gender inequality today

  • Gender inequality today

    Gender inequality today
    Women have unequal wages as seen in the showbiz industry. Male actors get paid more than female actors. Jennifer Lawrence was paid less than her male co-stars in the film American Hustle. TheWage gap 26% in Ontario. Women are also subjected to sexual harassment and in some cases sexual abuse in workplaces and in public, name calling, bosses discriminating based on gender, rape.
  • Things Women can't do in Saudi Arabia

    They can’t wear make up, are not allowed to swim or even look at men swimming, not allowed to compete freely in sports due to dress codes, and they can’t try on clothes while shopping. If they are accused of a criminal offence or have sexual relations with a man other than their husbands, they will most likely be executed. Adultery=stoning
  • Women in Iran

    Women in Iran
    Video about Women's life in IranIn Iran, the husbands control the freedom of movement of women. They could refuse to sign documents that permit women to travel abroad. Husbands can ban wives from working. Article 1117 of civil code. Women in Iran can have some jobs. They can run for government, but they cannot run for president.
  • Women in Saudi Arabia

    Women in Saudi Arabia
    Women are discriminated in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries due to their religion as in their scripture women are subservient to men. They have harsh penalties on women should they have premarital sex or adultery (often execution). Islamic countries view women in a very traditional role. In Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive, they can’t open bank accounts without the husband’s permission, they have to have a male chaperone if they leave the house
  • How do we create gender equality in workplaces?

    In workplaces, give both paternity leave and maternity leave, prohibit sexual harassment, prohibit discrimination based on gender, treat a women as a man in the workplace. Offer childcare support (daycares), give job offers that mention that you want both men AND women. Women should be paid equally as men who do the same jobs. Women should be allowed access any job if they have completed the pre-requisites.
  • International community as a whole

    International community as a whole
    The international community must pressure countries to give women more basic rights and freedoms. With pressure, women will regain their rights one by one and eventually they will be equal. Rome wasn’t built in one day.
  • Education of Gender Equality

    Education of Gender Equality
    Children should be educated from a young age that genders do not determine their future occupations. Get men involved; it is their issue as well. They have gender stereotypes and expectations often leading to high suicide rates for men.
  • Conclusion

    Gender equality is extremely important in the modern world. I did have a focus on women. Although there were some inequalities to men, they were miniscule compared to inequalities to women in the past and in the present in some countries. Both men and women have to realize that fairness between genders are important. We have to take action. Women today are able to enjoy all of the rights and privileges they enjoy today because of the men and women who fought for them in the past. We need act.