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Mr. Rick

  • 1913 BCE

    woman bill

    woman bill
    woman post a bill to advertise there lacturs in new york
  • 1912 BCE

    woman rights

    woman rights
    it took a 100 years to get were we are today in woman right moments
  • 1016 BCE


    woman stand agents cars for cheoco
  • 1013 BCE

    i wish ma could

    i wish ma could
    woman match " i wish ma could"
  • woman fight

    woman fight
    in cleaved Ohio woman gathers at a woman's right building
  • prez proved

    prez proved
    the president was with the women
  • prez were you at

    prez were you at
    women stand out side of the wight house
  • por woman

    por woman
    women get beaten at the wight house
  • vote!

    women take a vote to vote
  • Period: to

    woman right

    In the 1920s, some women's lives radically changed through the introduction of new rights and jobs.
  • let it die

    let it die
    the dust bowl destroyed +1000 homes
  • black blizzard

    black blizzard
    fun fact the dust bowl was also could black blizzard
  • this is sad

    this is sad
    farm equipment gets ruined
  • let it shrivel up and die

    let it shrivel up and die
    the dust bowl ruined 100,000,000 farms
  • wheres your mama

    wheres your mama
    500,000 family are homes
  • food!!!

    people still had to work and get food
  • fight!!

    The organizers of the 1963 March on Washington lead the march in front of thousands of participants with signs calling for equal employment, voting rights, and the end of segregation. Each of the leading national civil rights organizations was represented on the program, and Martin Luther King Jr. was selected to speak last. Although women were often the most active organizers within these organizations, efforts to recognize their contribution were only belatedly added to the schedule of events.
  • protest

    Arizona senator Barry Goldwater sought to distance himself from extremists such as these Klansmen who were demonstrating on his behalf during the election. However, his recent opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 furthered the association between the conservative movement Goldwater represented and those who opposed racial equality.
  • elaction

    Lyndon Johnson defeated the conservative Republican Barry Goldwater in 1964. However, conservative ideas would gain support following Goldwater’s landslide defeat
  • black lives mater

    black lives mater
    Fannie Lou Hamer was one of the sharecroppers who registered to vote during the Freedom Summer of 1964. She was fired, evicted, arrested, and beaten while in prison for her efforts to register other black voters. She is pictured here representing the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • prez

    Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X met only once, on March 26, 1964. The two men briefly exchanged pleasantries and never saw one another again. Although they are often portrayed as opposites, in many ways the more radical approach of Malcolm X assisted King.
  • lady got moves

    lady got moves
    Claudia Taylor Johnson, better known as “Lady Bird” Johnson, celebrates a Minnesota Head Start program with some of its students. The First Lady was active on behalf of a number of causes during her husband’s administration and was also a successful business leader both before and after her tenure in the White House.
  • lead!!

    As a daughter of the Jim Crow South, civil rights leader Ella Baker devoted most of her efforts to challenging racism. However, Baker also believed that racism was a symptom of a larger social illness that kept people and communities from recognizing their common interests and working together to solve common problems.
  • get am get am

    get am get am
    A South Vietnamese soldier guards a young boy who was believed to have participated in an attack against US and South Vietnamese forces. The Vietcong recruited women, children, and the elderly in their guerilla war against the South and the United States.
  • boom!! goes the dynamite

    boom!! goes the dynamite
    A massive B-66 bomber accompanies four F-105s in a July 1966 mission during Operation Rolling Thunder. The F-105 was a fighter jet that could also drop 14,000 pounds of explosives.
  • think harder

    think harder
    Malcolm’s rhetoric reflected a growing sense of disillusionment with the civil rights movement among many African Americans, especially those for whom integrated restaurants and colleges meant little if economic issues were not also addressed.
  • love

    President Johnson reacts emotionally to a tape sent to him by his son-in-law, a captain and a commander of a company of US Marines in Vietnam.
    Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta led the United Farm Workers (UFW) in protesting the wages and conditions faced by migrant farm workers. The most effective protests were those that combined strikes (huelga in Spanish) with consumer boycotts of lettuce, grapes, and other crops that were grown by employers who refused to work with the UFW.