Women's Suffrage Movement in America

  • Losing the right to vote

    A U.S constituional convention places voting qualifications in the hands of the states. All states except New Jersey take away the right to vote from women. New Jersey would follow suit in 1807.
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Women's rights convention was help in Senea Falls with a declaration of sentiments being issued and Fredrick Douglass being the keynote speaker, encouraging women to keep fighting for the vote.
  • First National Women's Convention

    Held in Massachusetts, had even more attendees than the Seneca Falls convention and continued to get women excited about the suffrage movement.
  • American Equal Rights Association

    The AERA decided to get behind both African American and women's rights to suffrage, this was a major stepping stone for both movements and would help propel them in their fight for equal rights.
  • NWSA

    The National Women's Suffrage Associate was split from the American Equal Rights Association and was headed by Elizabeth Cady Staton and Susan B. Anthony.
  • Anthony Amendment

    The Anthony Amendment to extend the vote to women was first introduced to Congress.
  • National American Women's Suffrage Movement

    The AWSA and the NWSA merge to form the NAWSM, this allows them to use all of their combined resources to make even more contributions to the fight for suffrage.
  • 19th Amendment

    United States Secretary of State signed the nineteenth amendment into law giving women the right to vote in the entire nation.