Womens Suffrage Movement

  • Seneca Falls Convention

    At Seneca Falls women split over the 14th and 15th admendment which granted equal voting rights to all men. Susan B. Anthony said "I would sooner cut off my right hand than ask the ballot for the black man and not the women."
  • Carry Nation and the WCTU

    The WCTU feared that alcohol was underminning American morals. They would enter saloons and sing, pray, and urging the saloonkeepers to not sell their alcohol. As members sought to close saloons to cure society's problems, trouble occured between the members and immegrants whose religion included acoholic beverages.
  • NAWSA Formed

    These women faced constant oppsition. The liquor industry feared that women would vote in support to make alcohol illigal and the textile industry worried that women would banned child labor.
  • Carrie Chapman Catt and New NAWSA Tactics

    After Susan left the NAWSA Carrie Chapman Catt became the leader of their group. She made five tactics to organize the party.1. painstaking organization. 2. close ties between local and national workers. 3.establish a wide base of support. 4. cautious lobbying .5. gracious, ladylike behavior.
  • 19th Admendment

    The admendment that gave women the right to vote. It took 72 years form the Senca Falls convention to the passing of the 19th Admendment.