Women's suffrage movement

  • seneca Falls Convention

    Women split over the fourthenth and fifteenth admendment which granted equal rights to africans but not women. Susan b. Anthony leading proponet of women suffrage. The right to vote said I would sooner cut off my hand than ask the ballot for black man and not women.
  • Illegal Voting

    They would try to vote 150 times in 10 diffrent states. The supreme court ruled women was citizens but they dinied there right to vote.
  • Carry nation and wctu

    The wctu spearheaded for crusade of prohibition. They would go into salons and sing and get the salon keepers to stop selling alcohol. The women started fighting for what they thought so this helped becouse they was doing what they wanted.
  • NAWSA Formed

    Leaders was lucy stone and julia ward howe. Liqur indusrtys was scared that the women would vote for prohibition. The men was scared of the role of the women changing.
  • Carrie Chapman Catt and new NAWSA Tactics

    Carrie Chapman Catt created fine ne tactics. They are 1. painstaking organization 2. close ties between local, state, and national workers. 3. establishing a wide base of support 4. cautious lobbying and 5. gracious ladylike behavior. Evan though the saw victorys they saw more failures.
  • !9th Amendment

    Gave women the right to vote. The amendment won final ratification in august 1920-72 tears after women had first convenced and demanded the vote at seneca falls convention in 1848.