womens suffrage

  • Susan b. anthony

    Susan b Anthony a leading proponent of woman suffrage, the right to vote said “I would sooner cut of my right hand than ask the ballot for the black man and not for women.”
  • Illegal voting

    Susan b anthoney and other women tested that question by attempting to vote at least 150times in 10 different statesand the district of Columbia.
  • carry nation and the WCTU.

    Spearheaded the crusade for alcohol probibition. Members advanced tgheir cause by entering aloons, singing praying, and urging saloonkeepers to stop selling alcohol. as momentum grew the union was trasformed by faces willard from a small midwestern religious group in 1879 to a national organization.
  • NAWSA formed

    Formed to become the national American woman suffrage association, or the NAWSA. Other prominent leaders included lucy stone and Julia ward howe, the author of “the battle hymn of the republic.”
  • Carrue cgaonab catt and new NAWSA tactics.

    When chapman catt returned to NAWSA after organizing new yorks women suffrage party, she concentrated on five tactics: panstaking organization; close ties between local, state, and national workers; establishing a wide base of support; caustious lobbying; and gracious ladylike behavior.
  • 19th Amendment.

    granting woman the right to vote