women's sufferage movement

  • Susan B. anthony

    Susan B. Anthony- a leading proponent. “I would sooner cut off my right hand than ask the ballot for a black man and not for women” is a quote of hers
  • Illegal Voting

    susan b. anthony was fined $100 for the illegal voting she had done
  • carry nation and the wctu

    the went places and would destroy the alcohol there and scold customers, she also urged the shop keepers to stop selling the liquor

    by combining two groups of women sufferage, and they made the national american woman sufferage association
  • carie chapman catt and new NAWSA tactics

    painstaking organization, close ties between local,state, and national workers, establishing a wide base of support, cautious lobbying, and gracious, lady like behavior.
  • 19th amendment

    grants women the right to vote, and and was ratified in august of 1920. 72 years later after women had first convened and demanded the right to vote at seneca falls convention in 1848.