Women's Sufferage

  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    This was the first convention that granted everyone equal rights includin for african americans to vote but excluded the women.
  • Wyoming

    Legislatures granted women the right to vote in certain territoires.
  • Illegal Voting

    Illegal Voting
    Susan B. Anthony and a few other women decided to vote 150 in ten states in the District of Columbia.
  • Supreme Court Decision

    Supreme Court Decision
    They did think that women where citizens but it didnt give them the right to vote .
  • NAWSA Formed

    NAWSA Formed
    Women high school graduates outnumbered men and were needed for teachers and female typist.
  • Carrie Chapman

    Carrie Chapman
    Susan B. Anthony's successor who was president of the NAWSA
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

    Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
    146 women died at their work place from a fire that happened on the top of the building
  • New NAWSA Tactics

    New NAWSA Tactics
    Carrie Chapman organized new tactics for the for the NAWSA
    1) painstaking organization
    2)close ties between local, state, and national workers
    3)establishing a wide base of support
    4)cautious lobbying
    5)gracious, ladylike behavior
  • More Radical Tactics

    More Radical Tactics
    They pressured the federal government to pass a suffrage amendment. It caused a strike that led to be arrested, jailed and even force feed.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    The 19th amedment granting women the right to vote.