Womens suffrage

Womens Sufferage

  • Seneca Falls Convetion

    Seneca Falls Convetion
    first meeting to discuss womens voting rights. women split over the issue 14th and 15th amendment.
  • Wyoming

    The first state that allowed women to vote. they tried to convince state legislatures to grant women
  • Illegal Voting

    Illegal Voting
    in 1871 Susan B. Anthony and other women tested their question by attempting to vote at least 150 times in ten states and the district Columbia
  • Supreme Court Decision

    Supreme Court Decision
    it ruled that women were indeed citizens, but the denied that citizenship automatically conferred the right to vote.
  • NAWSA Formed

    NAWSA Formed
    NAWSA became the National Anerican Women Sufferage Association. they acieved a victory in the territory of wyoming in 1869, and by the 1890s Utah and Colorado and Idaho had aslo granted womens right to vote.
  • Carrie Chapman Catt

    Carrie Chapman Catt
    she saw a victoryvon the horizon. Catt expressed her optimism in a letternto her friend Maud wood Park. Catt called emergency sufferage convintion in september 1916, who invited president Wilsion who supported the sufferage
  • New NAWSA Tactics

    New NAWSA Tactics
    when Catt returned to NAWSA after organzing New York's women's sufferage Party. she concentrated on five tactics. 1) painstaking organization, 2) close ties between local state and national workers, 3) establishing a wide base of support, 4) cautions lobbying, and 5) gracious ladylike behavior
  • More Radical Events

    More Radical Events
    the federal goverment to pass a sufferage amendment, and by 1917 pual had organized her followers to mount a round the clock picket line the white house. some of the piceters were arrested. jailed, and even force-fed when they tempted a hunger strike