Womens suffrage

Womens Sufferage

By Asyia
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    This was the first meeting for women to discuss voting rights. Women split over the 14th and 15th amendment.
  • Wyoming

    Sufferagist leaders who convinced the stae legislature to give women the right to vote.
  • Illegal Voting

    Illegal Voting
    Susan B. Anthony and other women attenpted to vote 150 times i 10 staes and the district of Columbia. Susan voted illegally in the presidential election in 1872 and was fined $100 but never paid the fine.
  • Supreme Court Decision

    Supreme Court Decision
    Vassar College accepted its first women students in 1865 and smith and Wellesley Colleges followed in 1875 .
  • NAWSA Formed

    NAWSA Formed
    This was the merge of two earlier organizatons.The mission od the African American clubs movement was known as "the moral education of the race with which we are identified.