Womens sufferage

By EHow
  • Seneca Falls convention

    Seneca Falls convention
    This was the first meeting to discuss voting rights for women. Women had split over the issue of the 14th and 15th amendment, and wether they applied to them.
  • Wyoming

    Susan B. Anthony and her group manage to convince the Wyoming state legislature the right to vote.
  • Women Illegaly voting

    Susan B. Anthony and others attempted to vote in at least 10 states, and the District of Columbia. Causing the Supreme Court to rule that women are citizens, but that it didn't give them the right to vote.
  • The NAWSA is formed.

    The NAWSA is formed.
    Susan B. Anthony's group, the NWSA, joins with other activists to create the National American Woman Sufferage Association.
  • Carrie Chapman Catt

    Carrie Chapman Catt
    She succedes Susan B. Anthony as the president of the NAWSA
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

    Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
    A fire starts in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, killing many young women. This spurs many working women to push for reform.
  • NAWSA uses new tactics

    Carrie uses new strategies in her leadership, such as: using organization, close ties between local, state, and federal workers, establishing a wide support base, cautiously lobbying, and gracious ladylike behavior.
  • Radical Tactics

    After a series of fails a new organization, the National Woman's Party, started pressuring the federal government and eventually started a picket line around the white house.
  • 19th Amendment becomes law

    19th Amendment becomes law
    The bill is ratified, after being passed in 1919. Allowing women to now vote in America.