Women's Rihts Movenent

  • the first sexualy integrated jury hears a case in Albany, NY

  • Period: to

    Women's Rights Movement in the U.S.

  • Colonies adopt English Common Laws

    All maried coupples became one, so married women no longer existed or had a right in anything
  • Law passed that takes away all womens rights.

  • constitution ratified

    the words Persons, people, and electors were used instead of men
  • missisippi grants women the right to own property

  • declaration of sentiments is signed

  • 14th amendment is passed

  • wyoming passes womens rights law

  • 15th amendment is ratified

  • bradwell vs IL concludes a state has the right to exclude married women from politics

  • supreem court says women are people but can't vote

  • wyoming grants women the right to vote in all elections

  • women now have the right to hold some property in all states

  • oragan's supreem court agrees to a 10 hr workday for women implying that they are physically weak

  • supreeme court decides that rights of citizens can't be denied based on sex

  • activist propose an ammenment to the constitution

    amendment would concist of equal rights for men and women
  • radice v new york

    forbade waitresses from working night shift but allowed ladiesroom attendents and entertainers to work nights
  • NRA forbids more then one family member from holding a government job

    this caused many women to loose their jobs
  • A US supreeme court case premitted midicinal use of birth control

  • fair labor standards passes minimum wage without regards to sex

  • fay v new york

    woman are equaly qualified to be jurers
  • hoyst v florida

    women are less likely then men to serve jury duty because they are still the center of family hoseholds/life
  • equal pay act is passed by congress

  • tital VII of then Civil Rights Act is passed

    including prohibition of descrimination on all bases by employers
  • weeks v southern bell

    opened jobs that were once male only to women
  • executive order prohibits sex descrimination by government contractors

  • Phillips v. Martin Marietta Corporation

    prevents employers from discriminating against women with pre school children
  • Phillips v. Martin Marietta Corporation

    bans sex discriminating "now hiring" adds
  • housing and credit descrimination against women is banned by congress

  • Taylor v Lousianna

    bans the government from denying women the right to jury
  • general Elec. company v glbert

    grants women the right to collect unemployment durring the last 3 months of pregnancy
  • pregnancy descrimination banns employers from refusing to hire pregnant women

  • supreeme court states that excluding women from the draft is constitutional

  • Roberts v. U.S. Jaycees

    sex discrimination is forbidden by supreeme court opening male organizations fo women
  • mississipi ratifies 19th ammendment

  • family medical leave act goes in to affect

  • Gender Equity in Education Act is adopted by congress

  • US v Virginia

    male only admissions to state military violates 19th amendment
  • supreeme court rules that college sports must involve roughly equal numbers of men and women for federal support

  • CBS Broadcasting agrees to pay $8 million to settle a sex discrimination lawsuit by the E.E.O.C. on behalf of 200 women.