Women's Rights Timeline

By mraboin
  • Women's Strike for Equality

    Women's Strike for Equality
    Lead by then NOW, National Organization for Women, leader Betty Friedan the strike consisted of women stopping work for one day in order to bring attention to unequal pay between female and male employees.
  • Schultz v. Wheaton Glass Co

    Schultz v. Wheaton Glass Co
    Ruled that jobs for women and men need to be "substantially equal" to eachother. Also restricted employers to change the title of a job in order to pay women workers less.
  • Ms. Magazine Launch

    Ms. Magazine Launch
    First time a magazine was created for women by women. Ms. was also the first to use prominant female figures to take on controversial issues involving women and their rights.
  • Eisenstadt v. Baird

    Eisenstadt v. Baird
    This Supreme Court case ruled that the right to privacy included an unmarried person's right to contraceptives.
  • Title IX of the Education Amendments

    Title IX of the Education Amendments
    Bans discrimination based on sex in schools.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act

    Pregnancy Discrimination Act
    The Act banned employers from discriminating against pregnant employees or forcing them to take pregnancy leave if they were willing and able to work.
  • EMILY's List

    EMILY's List
    An acronym for Early Money Is Like Yeast, the orginization made a great impact on the amount of women elected for office by providing financial support for pro-choice Democratic women running for national political office.
  • Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson

    Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson
    In 1986 Mechelle Vinson sued her ex-boss, Sidney Taylor, for creating a hostile work environment through making demands for sexual acts at work, exposing himself to her, and forcibly raping her multiple times. The case ruled that sexual harassment is a form of illegal job discrimination.
  • Violence Against Women Act

    Violence Against Women Act
    This act tightened federal penalties for sex offenders, funded services for victims of rape and domestic violence, and provided for special training of police officers.
  • Plan B Becomes Over the Counter

    Plan B Becomes Over the Counter
    FDA approved Plan B One-Step for over the counter use for girls age 15 and older. Previously girls younger than 17 could only purchase Plan B with a prescription. President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, called this "an important step forward to expand access to emergency contraception and for preventing unintended pregnancy."