Women's Rights Movement

  • The First Women's Rights Convention

    68 women and 38 men sign a declaration of sentiments, wich outlines grieveances and sets the agenda for the civil rights movement. A set of 12 resolutions is adopted that calls for equal equal treatment of women and men under the law and voting rights
  • National Women's Rights Convention

    The first National women's rights convention takes place attracting over 1,000 people. Which was the spark that started the trend which led to the convention being held annually.
  • National Women's Suffrage Association

    Susan B. Anthony and Eliziabeth Cady Stanton form the first National Women's Suffrage Associtaition (WSA). This associtation fiocused on acheieveing voting rights for women through the means of a congressional amendment to the constitution.
  • American Woman Suffrage Association

    Lucy Stone, Henry Blackwell, along with others form the American Woman Suffrage Association. This group places its efforts in ammeding states constitutions to to gain voting rights.
  • First Women's Suffrage Law

    The first women suffrage law was passed in the Wyoming territory and women begin to serve on juries.

    The National Women Suffrage Association and the American Women Suffrage Association cobine to make NAWSA. This new powerhouse waged a campaign on the states to obtain womens voting rights.
  • Colorado Is The First State That Grants Women's Suffrage

    Colorado became the first state to amend their constitution granting Women the right to vote. They started the domino affect that resulted in other states following suit.
  • National Association of Colored Women

    Black women's clubs with notable leaders such as Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, Mary Church Terrell and Anna Julia Cooper. These clubed merged together forming the National Association of Colored Women.
  • National Women's Trade Union League

    In order to advocate for improved working conditions and better pay The National Women's Trade Union League is established.
  • Congressional Union

    Alice Paul and Lucy Burns fight for a federal amendment that gives a women the right to vote.In dong this they form the Congressional Union this group is later renamed the National Women's Party.
  • Margaret Sanger

    She opens up the first U.S. birth contro clinic
  • 19th Amendment

    The 19th Amendment gives women the right to vote
  • Birth Control

    The FDA approves birth control.
  • Equal Pay Act

    Congress passes the Equal Pay Act making it illegal to pay women less for the same job that a man has.
  • National Organization for Women

    The largest women's rights group in the U.S. and is seeking to end sexual discriination.
  • Roe v. Wade

    The Supreme Court establishes that women have a right to a safe and legal abortion.
  • Equal Rights Amendment

    This amendment died before it was ratified lacking the state support it needed
  • Significance and Reason We Cose the Women's Rights Movement

    This movement was significant because without it women would still be oppressed by men.
    Why We Chose It:
    We simply chose this movement because it interested us and we wanted to know more about it.