Women's Rights

  • Women are mistreated simply because they are women

    up until now women are treated poorly and grow sick of it. now they want to fight for their rights as they believe they deserve more. Some servants and low-class citizens are treated better than them.
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    Women's rights

    The evolution of women's rights
  • Seneca Falls Convention, New York

    The first Women's rights convention was held in Seneca falls, New York. 68 women and 32 men signed "The Declaration of Sentiments" after 2 days of discussing it. It held 12 main resolutions for the grievances of women and sets an agenda for their plans to fight for their rights.
  • Elizabeth Miller's turkish trousers

    Elizabeth Smith Miller appears on the streets in "turkish trousers" which later are known as Bloomers. This sets off a new trend and makes a BIG statement.
  • Woman Doctors

    Quaker physicians open a school to tech women about medicine and how to help the sick. The first women guraduated under police guard.
  • First national women's rights convention in Worcester, MA

    The first women's right's conventin to be held in massachusetts attracts over 1,000 people
  • First State school to admit women

    The university of Iowa now allows women to study there.
  • Equal Rights association

    The Equal Rights association is formed.
  • Calorado is first state to pass amendment allowing voting rights

    Women are now allowed to vote in Colorado. Soon other states begin following suit years later.