Women's rights

  • Women's rights convention

    This was the first womens rights convention. There were 68 women and 32 men that signed a Declaration of Sentiments
  • womens sufferage law

    The state of Wyoming passes the first Womens sufferage law. The following year women start serving in juries.

    The National Women Suffrage Association and the American Women Suffrage Association merge to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA). Women get the right to vote.
  • National womens trade Union leage

    (NWTUL) was established to advocate for improved wages and working conditions for women.
  • Birth control clinic

    Margaret Sanger opens the first U.S birth-control clinic in Brooklyn, N.Y. Although the clinic is shut down 10 days later and Sanger was arrested.
  • the Federal women suffrage amendment

    The amendment was originally written by Susan B. Anthony nd introduced in Congress in 1878.