Women's Rights

  • First Women's Rights Convention

    The convention was geld in Seneca Falls, New York. After to 2 days of discussion and debating, 68 women and 32 men signed the Declaration of Sentiments.
  • National Women Suffrage Assciation

    Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed the National Women Suffrage Assciation. The goal of this organization to achieve voting rights for women by an amendment to the Constitution.
  • American Women Suffrage Association

    Lucy Stone, Henry Blackwell and others form the American Women Suffrage Association. This group focused on gaaining women's right to vote.
  • First Suffeage Law

    Wyoming territory passes the first women's suffrage law. The next year, women begin to serve on juries.
  • National American Women Suffrage Association

    The National Women Suffrage Association and the American Women Suffrage Association to form the National American Women Suffrage Association. Starts to organize campaigns to get voting rights.
  • First Amendent

    Colodrado is first staet to try and get an amentdent to get women to vote. The Utah and Idaho follow in 1896. Then Washington in 1911. After that more states followed that.
  • National Women's Trade Union League

    National Women's Trade Union League is formed to improve working conditions for women.
  • Congressional Union

    Alice Paul and Lucky Burns form the Congressional Union to work towards the passage of a ferderal amendment to give women the right to vote. The group later picket at the White House.
  • Ferderl Women Suffrage Amendment

    Ferderl Women Suffrage Amendment, written by Susan Anthony and was introduced to Congress in 1878, was passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate. Then it was sent to states for ratification.
  • 19th Amendment

    The 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granted women the right to vote. This was signed into law by Bainbridge Colby.