Womens Rights.

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    Womens Rights .

  • Schooling .

    Schooling .
    The school of Iowa was the first school to admit women.
  • Voting .

    The right for women to vote is brought up in the U.S congress.
  • Right to Divorce .

    Women had the right to divorce their husband, if it was a bad marriage.
  • First woman in congress .

    Jeanneate Rankin was the first women elected into congress.
  • Voting .

    Voting .
    Women had the right to vote, if they were a property owner, and was head of household.
  • Equal .

    Equal .
    The number of men voting, and women voting, is almost equal for the very first time.
  • Birth Control.

    The food and drug association approves birth control .
  • voting .

    The right for women to vote is brought into congress, once again.
  • Banks .

    Banks .
    The first womens bank opens in New York City.
  • Money .

    Money .
    women are now paid 71 cents for every dollar paid to men.