Womens, Migrants Indigenous Australins Rights

  • First Australian Female Doctor

    This is the First female doctor in australia that came out.
  • Women had the right to vote

    There was still some opposition to the extension of the franchise to women when the Commonwealth Franchise Bill was debated in 1902.
  • First Female Paliment Candidates

    TAS women eligible to vote in House of Assembly. Qualifications for the right to vote for Upper House remain in place until 1968.
  • marternity allowence act

    Around the middle of the 19th century, the fertility rate was equivalent to six babies for every woman. At the same time, the infant mortality rate was 125 deaths for every 1000 births, which is twenty-seven times higher than today's rate of around 4.63 deaths.
  • Women in world war 1

  • South Australia and new south wales appoint and first female poliece offerces

  • First women elected to Australia paliment

  • Foudingof the coutry womens association (WA)

  • widos pensions were introduced

  • First women elected to Federal paliment -Endi lyons and Dorothy Tangney

  • All aborigenals women (and men ) finaly aloud to vote

  • Australia,author,Germaine Greer female Eunch feminest moument women to reject this traditian roles

  • Mimimem wage for wemens work set at 54% of the male rate

  • first aboriginal women to win gold.

  • equal oppotunalty for women in the workplace act.

  • first female deputy priminister

  • first female Govenor genral of Australia reprezentitivethe Queen