Womens, Migrants and Indigenous Australians Rights

  • Captain Cook enters Botany Bay

    In 1770, Captain James Cook landed at Botany Bay’s Inscription Point. He and his Endeavour (his ships name) crew stayed in the area for eight days and had a dramatic impact on Australian history.
  • The First Fleet Arrives

    The First Fleet arrives and builds a settlement at Port Jackson in Sydney, New South Wales
  • First Australian Female Doctor

    This was when the first registered female doctor came out.
  • Federation

    Before Federation each of the Australian states was more like its own country with customs houses and railway trails. It was neither natural nor inevitable that Australia would be federated, in fact it wasn't even a very popular idea. Only through the dedication and hard work of a small group of people did the colonies eventually come together to form a nation
  • The Commonwealth of Australia is Formed

  • Women allowed to vote

    This was a big time for women as they were allowed to vote. to have the right to vote you had to be at least 21 years old. some states took a bit longer to allow this rule, but it was only a few years difference.
  • First Female Parlimentary Condidates

    This was a big change as before hand it was just men that were in parliment.
  • All residents Naturalised, Commonwealth Naturalisation Act

  • 390, 000 new settlers arrived

  • Maternity Allowance Act

  • Women In World War 2

  • World War 1, 650, 00 Australian men died

  • Minimum Wage for Womens Work

    Set at 54% of the male rate
  • 300,000 immigrants arrived - majority came from Britain

  • First Women elected to Australian Parliment

    Edith Cowan
  • Empire Settlement Scheme

  • Founding of the Country Womens Association

  • The Great Deppression

  • World War II Migration lost 15,148 people

  • Widows Pension Introduced

  • First Women Elected to Federal Parliment

    Enid Lyons and Dorothy Tangney
  • Post War resettlement

  • Goverment Partly relaxed restrictions of the Immigration Act

  • The Commanwealth Citizenship and Nationality Act is formed

  • The Aliens Act came into force

  • The Snowy mountain hydro-electric Scheme

  • Passage Scheme agreed with the Netherlands and Italy

  • Goverment allowed Japanese wives of Australian servicemen to be admitted

  • The Displaced Persons Scheme

  • General assisted Passage Scheme

    Introduced to USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland.
  • Australia's millionth post war immigrant arrived

  • Operation Reunion

  • Britain Campain

  • Dictation Test

  • "Nest Egg" Scheme

  • All Aboriginal Women (and men) allowed to vote

  • Passes Population of 14 Million

  • More then 90% of Australians vote yes in a referendum

  • Germaine Greer Wrote a best-selling book that helped Womens Rights

    Female Eunuch
  • Migration Act

  • Australian Parliment passes the Racial Discrimination Act

  • Sponsers Employment

  • First Women to Head a Goverment

    Pat O'Shane
  • Family Sponsered

  • Uluru is handed back to its original owners

  • First Aboriginal Woman to win a Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Games

    Cathy Freeman
  • The council for the Aboriginal Reconciliation holds its firat meeting in Canberra

  • Equal Opportunity for Woman in the Workpace Act

    Promote Employment of Women
  • First Female Deputy Prime Minister

    Julia Gillard
  • First Female Governer General of Australia

    Quentin Bryce
  • PM Kevin Rudd apoligises

    Kevin Rudd formally apoligises to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the Australian Parliment.