women suffrage movement

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    women movement

  • susan b anthony

    Susan b Anthony she was a leader of proponent of women suffrage
  • illegal voting

    NWSA started getting ballots for women and brought in by men
  • carry nation and the WCTU

    WCTU was probations that sung and prayed for the saloons to stop selling alcohol Carry nation was a probations that scolded customers and destroyed alcohol with a hatchet
  • NAWSA formed

    NAWSA three leading women got together to form this association with there own to make it three times as big
  • carrie chapman catt and the new NAWSA tactics

    Carrie chapman catt she retook control of the NAWSA and with new tricks they got their way with new befits from the government they were making a lot of progress
  • 19th admendment

    19th amendment it gave women the right to vote freely