Women Suffrage

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In History
  • 1916

    The first Feminist Congress was held, promoted by the Governor of Yucatan (a pioneer state in women's rights) and several women opinion leaders.
  • 1923

    Mexican Section of the Pan American Women's League called the First National Feminist Congress. Of the main demands that came out of there were: civil equality so that women could be a candidate for administrative positions as well as cast suffrage.
  • 1937

    Lázaro Cárdenas sent an initiative to the Chamber of Senators so that women could obtain citizenship, and thus the vote
  • 1946

    President Miguel Alemán approved an initiative for constitutional article 115 to establish the participation of women in municipal elections, on equal terms as men.
  • 1953

    The addendum to article 34 of the Constitution was published, which states: “Men and women who, having the quality of Mexicans, also meet the following requirements: have completed 18 years of age, being married, or 21 if not they are, and have an honest way of living. ”
  • 1955

    The women went to the polls for the first time to choose federal deputies