women suffrage

  • Anti slavery convention

    Anti slavery convention
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lecritia Mott but are not allowed to attend the meeting
  • the civil war

    the civil war
    The civil war took place from 1861-1865 and was a war between the North and South on regards to slavery.
  • travel to Kansas for suffrage

    travel to Kansas for suffrage
    Many people traveled to Kansas to agitate for women's suffrage but failed.
  • 14th amendment

    14th amendment
    former slaves are granted the right to vote with the passing of this law.
  • suffrage association is formed

    suffrage association is formed
    Stanton and Anthony created the national women's suffrage association (NWSA).
  • 15th amendment

    15th amendment
    The 15th amendment is granted/ratified.
  • Anthony's arrest

    Anthony's arrest
    Susan B. Anthony is arrested for trying to vote in Rochester, New York.
  • National and American combine

    National and American combine
    The two women's suffrage parties unite to form one big group.
  • Retire

    Susan B. Anthony retired as presiden of the n.a.w.s..a.
  • 19th amendment

    19th amendment
    the 19th amendment finally gets passeed and the women begin their ratification campaign.