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Women Suffrage

  • The Beginings of Women's Suffrage

    The Beginings of Women's Suffrage
    Lucretia Mott and Elisabeth Stanton are stopped from participating in the World Anti Slavery Convention because of the fact that they are women.This leads them to hold a womens rights convention in America.
  • Seneca Falls

    Seneca Falls
    In 1848 men and women who were considered radicals met at Seneca Falls, NY to discuss the lack of rights for women at this time period. At this meeting 68 women and 32 men signed the declaration of rights and sentiments which declared that all men and women are created equal...
  • "Aint I A Women?"

    "Aint I A Women?"
    Sojourner Truth a woman who was once a slave delivers her "Aint I Woman Speech?" at a womens rights convention in Ohio.
  • The Civil War

    The Civil War
    womens right are temporaroly abandond as the women of America help in the war effort.
  • American Equal Rights Association

    American Equal Rights Association
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony form the American Equal Rights Association. This organizatin accepted white and black women and men as members and was dedicated to achieving universal suffrage.
  • Split in ln Opinions

    Split in ln Opinions
    The members of the American Equal Rights Association are divided in opinion as to whether the right of black men should be put over the rights of women.
  • womens suffrage defeat

    womens suffrage defeat
    Though Suffergists campaigned for months they lost on the fall ballot
  • Eleventh National Womens Rights Convention

    Eleventh National Womens Rights Convention
    When the war ends womens rights begin again with the Eleventh National Womens Rights convention. With help from Lucretia Mott the Suffragists and the anti slavery association join forces to form a new group called American Equal Rights Association.
  • two groups

    two groups
    Anthony and Stanton creat a group for only female membership called Natoional Womens Suffrage while Lucy stone forms a group that forms the American Womeans Sufrage Association wich alows men to participate.
  • 15th Amendment

    15th Amendment
    The 15th amendment grants black men the right to vote but it leaves out women's suffrage. There is a break in the group over this issue.
  • The 19th Amendment a Victory for Women

    The 19th Amendment a Victory for Women
    The 19th amendment is ratified giving women the right to vote.