women suffarge!

  • seneca fallls

    seneca fallls
    the women spit over the 14 and 15 amendments which were equal rights including african american men the right to vote, BUT not the african american women...... susan B. anthony was one of the leading compoent to the women(white) suffrage , she wanted the right to vote for women.
  • wyoming

    they first state to let the women have the right to vote. by the state legislatures.
  • illegal voting

    illegal voting
    susan b. anthony and other tried to test the the qeustin by attempting to vote over 150 time in 10 different states
  • supreme court decison

    supreme court decison
    they ruled that yes they are citizens BUT..... then denied that citizenship automatically conferred the right to vote

    the womens group called national american woamn suffrage association., they faced constant opposition , the liquor feared that they would vote against them.
  • carrie chapman catt

    carrie chapman catt
    she was the president of the nawsa along with susan b anthony, she severed from 1900 to 1904 seh organized the new york's women suffrage,
  • triangle sweatwaist fire!

    triangle sweatwaist fire!
    a fire begun and their were over 100 girls that died in the fire thay had no key to the doors the elavator broke, there were no adults that could have help in was jus a bas situation.
  • new nawsa tatics

    5 tatics painstacking, close ties between locsl, state and national workers, establishing a wide base, and cautious lobbying and last gracious ladylike behavoir.
  • more radical tatics

    they pressured the government to pass a suffrage amendment .
  • 19th amendment