women's rights to vote and work

  • law

    the womens rights was made by thwe king and the persordint in new york no one liked the i daer and started a riet
  • Period: to

    women's rights

  • the first fleet

    the first fleet was the farst histoury of australiaand they made show to botny bay
  • womens voteas

    first female parmentary candidate veda nativars goverment in still nathing for women
  • allowance act

    all the women in melbouren walk around city hall for there won rights and there famliys
  • women in ww1

    in ww1 last to 1914 to 1918 women were alwoed to go to war for canstrardchine thank to amy ross
  • the first female polices

    the first female polices offerser in histoury there law change for all women to have male jobs
  • minamum wage

    the wage was turned to a minamum at 54% for women it was a outwage when man were payed more
  • the electchine

    first women to be electchine fo porliment was edith cowenit changed enerthing even the law
  • countery

    the law staded that the founding of women is there countery but they had to make a statmint to the pariminerster
  • ww2

    in ww2 there was a law for all wemon you did not have a husben should go to war it was 1935 to 1955 it last for 20 yaers and lost of man and women died
  • widows

    the law had to be reminded that the were this women were called widows peanchin was staded the athourty is intoursdid with them
  • the first female doctor

    she was a nerse at farst but she wanted tovby something more to help then she be came a life sveing doctor
  • the queen

    the queen saw all the women work day by day and night by night and tryed to but a stop to it but there was a law that only the pirseodent can only stop it a he wanted to work it out
  • elected for fedeval

    RALEIGH, N.C., Nov. 2— A moment after uttered a final apology for ''all the hurt I have caused,'' Margie Velma Barfield was executed here this morning for murder, the first woman to be put to death in the United States in 22 years.
  • The First Registered Australian

    The First Registered austeralian was in fact a women in 1880s so theys women would stay home and take care of there chielden if they didn't have chielden they would clean the house if they didn't have a hasbound they would work for them but still they could not vot
  • what happend

    what happend
  • goverment

    one of the laws was for women to work must be a lower leval the man then a women whated to be payed more becaues she worked longer then a man so she made a riyet
  • the boming

    in the 1990s there was a boming in NSW
  • epual opporturitin women

    this women made histoury by dniying the law and got a oppudishin for a job
  • the first female perminster

    the in 2008 periminster was in fact a women and chanded all law of women rights that day woulde be a part of australian histerouy