Timeline created by d.tannous
  • denying miniorites the right to vote

    minorities who can't vote in provincial elections are also excluded from federal elections exmp, half of canadiens, visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples, and women have no democratic rights.
  • married women

    In PEI married women are people to but only when it comes to property rights now they have the same legal capacity as men.
  • The Case of Quong Wing

    no white woman can work in a restaurant, laundry or any other kind of business owned, kept or managed by any Chinaman.
  • women

    women get the right to vote in alberta sakatchewan and manitoba
  • women rights

    women get the right to vote in federal elections.
  • senate

    women are allowed to be appointed to senate.
  • ottawa

    women get paid the same as men.
  • rights

    married women now have full legal and property rights.