Women in History

  • Seneca Falls

    The first women's convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York and Elizabeth Cady Stanton creates "The Declaration of Sentiments"
  • The Married Women's Property Bill

    Women are given the right to sue, be sued, make contracts, inherit and bequeath property
  • Suffrage Movement Hault

    In order to focus on the civil war efforts the suffrage movement came to a hault.
  • Equal Rights Association

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony creat the Equal Rights Association, following their pause during the Civil War. This organization focuses on rights for all regarless or race or gender.
  • 14th Amendment

    The 14th Amendment grants citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States". It forbids any state to deny any person "life, liberty or property, without due process of law." Women tried to procliam their right to vote because of this.
  • Fight for the Right to Vote

    Susan B. Anthony casts her ballot for Ulysses S. Grant in the presidential election and is arrested and brought to trial in Rochester, New York. Fifteen other women are arrested for illegally voting.
  • Senate Votes on Women's Suffrage

    The first official vote in the Senate for women's right to vote was taken. It was defeated.
  • National Council of Women

    The National Council of Women in the United States is created as a way to promote the advancement of women in society.
  • States adopt Women's Suffrage

    Wyoming and South Dakota campaign and adopt Women's Suffrage
  • Colorado

    States slowly start recognizing and considering adopting Women's Suffrage for their particular state. In 1893, Colorado adopts Women's Suffrage.
  • Utah and Idaho

    Utah and Idaho adopt Women's Suffrage.
  • Washington

    Washington state adopts women's suffrage.
  • The First Suffrage Parade

    The Women’s Political Union organizes the first suffrage parade in New York City.
  • Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party

    Woman Suffrage is supported for the first time at the national level by a major political party -- Theodore Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party.
  • More States Adopt Women's Suffrage

    California, Oregan, Kansas, and Arizona have all adopted Women's Suffrage.
  • Woodrow Wilson

    President Woodrow Wilson states his support for a federal woman suffrage amendment. President Wilson addresses the Senate about adopting woman suffrage a the end of World War I.
  • 19th Amendment

    The Senate finally passes the Nineteenth Amendment and the ratification process begins.
  • Women Earn the Right to Vote

    Three quarters of the state legislatures ratify the Nineteenth Amendment. American Women win full voting rights.