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Women In Art

  • Period: 1476 to 1492

    Week One: The Middle Ages

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  • 1486

    Birth of Venus

    Birth of Venus
    Artist: Sandro Botticelli- Master Italian painter known for his modernizing renaissance.
    Relating to the naturalization of femininity in a historical and religious moment while observing the omissions by the painter as well. A piece on hope washing ashore in both textured innocence and breathing a blissful balance of new. An origin story backboard as iconic as Venus. Even today a woman's body must be covered as a mans does not. Was this not a way to push men's idea of virtue further?
  • 1491

    Lady with an Ermine

    Lady with an Ermine
    Artist-Leonardo Da Vinci- Infamous Italian Master inventor/artist
    Relates by way of supporting the medieval economy by her need to be painted and in a way immortalized. This shows the status of some women in the time period as well. The attention to light creates a realness in the textures around both her and the Ermie. The shadows play and pull at the fabric to create a balance in the material in relation to the background.
  • Period: 1500 to

    Week Two: The Renaissance

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  • Portia wounding her Thigh

    Portia wounding her Thigh
    Elisabetta Sirani, also a member of the 27 club. Painted in the baroque style, drama. All her art uses vibrancy and value to carry the eye. When the pure drama of the self harm in this and the look of boredom connect it is royalty at it's finest. The vibrant use of red in her dress makes the blood look dull. Pulling the similar shade of red from the background makes the balance work from a triangular use of the color.
  • Portrait of a Young Girl

    Portrait of a Young Girl
    Mary Beale is by far the bring home the bacon kind of woman. She became on of the top portrait painters in England. This is portrait caught my eye not just for the expression on her face but the shocking shoulder out. So innocent yet so much skin. How she used the light to pull you into the feminine curves of her neck, shoulders and hand show femininity in the body without exposure. Quite impressive. Though this was just a learning piece, you see her mastery in drawing one in.
  • Period: to

    Week Three: 17th Century

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  • Education of the Virgin

    Education of the Virgin
    Luisa Roldan was an the first name on the map of women sculptors in Spain. She was able to break through with a realism to the way she sculpted after being taught by her father. She self supported in a time that women married to be cared for and bear children. Adding to the fuel of the women can attitude. She used Spanish cedar for polychrome. Choosing the education of women was another toss to women empowerment and rarely seen.
  • Flowers In a Vase

    Flowers In a Vase
    Artist- Rachel Ruysch oil painted Flowers in a Vase. This woman was an inspired poet was well as a painter. Flowers in a vase shows a beautiful viscosity you can almost touch and feel the wet paint. Ruysch was a long running artist of floral paintings throughout her life. Learning the power of observation from her scientist husband, is able to paint with a realty that brings texture in her use of value and layering of the paints. The shadow work being equally eminent.
  • Period: to

    Week Four: The 18th Century

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  • Self Portrait in a Straw Hat

    Self Portrait in a Straw Hat
    This is a beautiful self portrait done in oil. Rarely were women seen in the form of a painter. Very often they are the mother or posed like a statue. Being the favorite artist of Marie Antoinette I do not find it surprising that she was able to become infamous in this way. I think she did an amazing job rising to the top. She creates background and uses line and repetition of color to make your eye jump is fantastic.The pink balances out the blue so the color scheme's easy on the eye.
  • A Young Woman seated by a Window

    A Young Woman seated by a Window
    Artist Marie Denise Villers. This is an oil painting finished in 1801 beautifully depicting what it meant to get a portrait painted.
    This is a beautiful paining showcasing Marie Denise Villers ability to capture both light and the ability to pull the eye in a natural focus. She was one of the few who were supported by her husband and allowed to continue work instead of motherly duties.
  • Period: to

    Week Five: The 19th Century

    “Artist Biography & FactsRowena Fischer Meeks Abdy.” Rowena Fischer Meeks Abdy - Biography,
  • The Cherry Tree

    The Cherry Tree
    The Cherry Tree was painted by Berthe Morisot. I love this painting because it is very Van Gogh in its color scheme. The paint strokes are gorgeous and build a a picture in a mosaic of strokes and layered paint. The beauty of the yellow contrasts to show you the height of the ladder and is repeated in the light of the dresses. The blurred background calls for a focus on the act of picking cherries.
  • Portrait of Severine

    Portrait of Severine
    Oil painted in 1893 by Amelie Beaury-Saure, This beautiful piece is a lesson in why shadow brings attention to center stage. The piece is reminiscent of a moment in the night. Her color choice is equally important to the color of here is to build the textures in the dress and highlight the curve of her body. The way the shape of her body speaks to the symbolism of femininity, The flower on her hip carries the eye.
  • Period: to

    Week Six: The 20th Century Europe

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  • Period: to

    Week 7: 20th Century American

    References:“Artist Biography & FactsRowena Fischer Meeks Abdy.” Rowena Fischer Meeks Abdy - Biography,
  • Adulthood

    Hilma af Klint was a Swedish artist who did not receive the recognition she deserved as an artist until the Guggenheim held a survey of her work. This piece is massive as much as it is an abstract talk of the the stages of life with plenty of symbolism to her abstract mandala. The opposition of colors in the piece make the focus jump. In a way it promotes a wandering eye but leisurely.
  • Arched doorway Mission San Juan Capistranio

    Arched doorway Mission San Juan Capistranio
    This oil painting is beautifully done and captures San Juan Capistrano perfectly. This painting speaks to me as a California native who has spent time learning the history of our missions.
  • Cinderella by a Magic Tree

    Cinderella by a Magic Tree
    This beautiful painting was done for Grimm's Fairytale. This was based off the part of the fairytale where she is with the hazel tree over her mother's grave. This is a beautiful rendition and I quite like the way she portrayed the magic in the moment and the magic in the coloring. The movement in the curve of the birds is beautiful and whimsical. The lighting is fantastic and draws the eye to follow the line.
  • Quarantania

    Louise Bourgeois grew up in Paris working in her parents tapestry shop. She later grew to the artist we love at the age of seventy. This piece has acquired so much equity with the current times and aged into perfection. This piece gives off an air of being closed in. The height of the shapes surrounding makes it uncomfortable to picture being that piece. With world war tow shaping the word during the birth of this piece it is no surprise isolation and bullying are symbolized.
  • Period: to

    The Late 20th Century to the 21st Century

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  • Her Perch

    Her Perch
    This was done by the American Painter Lindsey Kutusch in oil on a 20 x 20 canvas. This beautiful Raven is painted in my favorite style. I love the Raven and it hold a lot of significance for me. The background and geometrics of it are fantastic. The lines blurred the darkness of the Raven almost looking like a glitch in the computer screen just screams interest.
  • Schooner Rocks

    Schooner Rocks
    Rachel Personett painted the schooner rocks in the classical by sight style and continues to paint in such a way that a photograph of the area with the painting in the middle shows how well she is able to scale as well as match color. A true master of her craft.