History of art

Maya & Tara's History of Art & Design

  • 25,000 BCE

    Venus of Willendorf

    Venus of Willendorf
    Austria. represents power of female fertility
  • 15,000 BCE

    Hall of Bison

    Hall of Bison
    Altamira Caves, Spain- closed to visitors for preservation
  • 447 BCE

    Herakles or Dionysus

    Herakles or Dionysus
    Athens, Greece. removed from Greece by Great Britain in early 19th century-- greek gov wants it back
  • 437 BCE

    The Temple of Athena Nike

    The Temple of Athena Nike
  • 250 BCE

    Great Mosque of Cordoba

    Great Mosque of Cordoba
    The arches are a vast network of pattern, and the color banding adds to the intensity of the pattern
  • 210 BCE

    Army of the First Emperor of Qin

    Army of the First Emperor of Qin
    restoring ancient damaged art requires research and careful handling, as well as same guessowkr
  • 175

    Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, Rome

    Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, Rome
    By: Musei Capitolini. Reinforces ruler's power
  • 447


    crazy mathematical ingenuity
  • Period: 500 to 1400

    Middle Ages

  • 520

    Women at the Fountain House

    Women at the Fountain House
    Greek hydria.
  • Period: 1150 to 1400


  • 1200

    Six Persimmons

    Six Persimmons
    MU-QI. simplicity reflects philosophy of Zen Buddhism
  • 1312

    Baule Seated Female Figure

    Baule Seated Female Figure
    Baule artist are not associated with their works but the commissioners are-- they perform rituals that give the works meaning
  • Period: 1400 to 1550


  • 1434

    Wedding Portrait

    Wedding Portrait
    JAN VAN EYCK. full of symbolism
  • 1454

    Gutenberg Bible

    Gutenberg Bible
    ALBERTI. first mass printed book
  • 1482

    The Birth of Venus

    The Birth of Venus
    BY: SANDRO BOTTICELLI. Celebrates ancient Greek myth and glorifies the beauty of the human body
  • 1492

    Proportions of the Human Figure (Vitruvian Man)

    Proportions of the Human Figure (Vitruvian Man)
  • 1495

    The Last Supper

    The Last Supper
    LEONARDO DA VINCI. ritual meal is also a religious ceremony
  • 1501


    MICHELANGELO. big head and tiny penis
  • 1508

    The Libyan Sibyl

    The Libyan Sibyl
    MICHELANGELO. years of grime and soot darkened paint on Sistine Ceiling
  • 1509

    School of Athens

    School of Athens
    RAPHAEL. amazing perspective
  • 1513

    Knight, Death, and the Devil

    Knight, Death, and the Devil
    BY ALBRECHT DURER. engraving
  • 1519

    Feathered Headdress of Moctezuma

    Feathered Headdress of Moctezuma
    Aztec. Conquearing armies often plunder and take art of subjugated peoples
  • 1538

    Venus of Urbino

    Venus of Urbino
    BY TITIAN. sexualizing women
  • 1555

    Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed

    Moscow, original function to glorify Russian Orthodox church-- now secularized world heritage site
  • 1570

    Studiolo of Fancesco I

    Studiolo of Fancesco I
    GIORGIO VASARI. private collections of art objects were often housed in special rooms in palaces- precursors to museums
  • Scribe and Painter at Work

    Scribe and Painter at Work
    HAKIM SANA'I. kitab khana
  • Period: to


  • Judith and Holofernes

    Judith and Holofernes
    ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI. beautiful work ignored because woman painted it
  • Table of Desserts

    Table of Desserts
    JAN DAVIDSZ DE HEEM. glorious display of food has a subtheme about the impermanence of earthy life
  • The Night Watch

    The Night Watch
    REMBRANDT VAN RIJN. product of protestant middle-class culture
  • Period: to


  • Portrait of Louis XIV holding the plan for the Royal House at Saint-Cyr

    Portrait of Louis XIV holding the plan for the Royal House at Saint-Cyr
    NICOLAS RENE JOLLAIN THE ELDER. King Lous XIV instituted Royal Academy to set standards for artistic production in France
  • Cathedral of Dubrovnik

    Cathedral of Dubrovnik
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrews

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
    BY THOMAS GAINSBOROUGH. uses local colors
  • Period: to


  • Period: to


  • A Pair of Lovers

    A Pair of Lovers
  • Basket Fairy

    Basket Fairy
    ANDO OR UTAGAWA HIROSHIGE. collab of artist, block carver, papermaker, and printer
  • The Raft of the Medusa

    The Raft of the Medusa
    BY THEODORE GERICAULT. Critics thought it wasn't art for stupid reasons I don't understand.
  • The British Museum

    The British Museum
    SIR ROBERT SIDNEY SMIRKE. facade reflects attitudes of era
  • First known photograph

    First known photograph
  • Shoki the Demon Queller

    Shoki the Demon Queller
  • Ophelia

    JOHN EVERETT MILLAIS. romantic image of death
  • Period: to


  • Olympia

    EDWARD MANET. scandalized the public because it was not presented as a historical reference
  • Period: to


  • At the Milliner's

    At the Milliner's
    BY EDGAR DEGAS. pastels create intense colors
  • Period: to

    Post Impressionism

  • Woman in a coffeehouse, Madame Ginoux in the Cafe de la Gare in Arles

    Woman in a coffeehouse, Madame Ginoux in the Cafe de la Gare in Arles
    BY PAUL GAUGUIN. Note similarities between Vincent's
  • Portrait of Mme Ginoux

    Portrait of Mme Ginoux
  • Portrait of Dr. Gachet

    Portrait of Dr. Gachet
    VINCENT VAN GOGH. portraits are visual record of inner emotional states
  • Almond Blossom

    Almond Blossom
    VINCENT VAN GOGH. one of my favs
  • Mother and Child

    Mother and Child
    BY MAR CASSATT. Representation in style
  • Royal Linguist's Staff

    Royal Linguist's Staff
    Acts as line in space
  • Landscape at Aix, Mount Sainte- Victoire

    Landscape at Aix, Mount Sainte- Victoire
    BY PAUL CEZANNE. broke traditional ways of depicting space and form
  • Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

    Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
    BY PABLO PICASSO. Began cubism
  • Period: to


  • Period: to


  • Jungster Tag (Last Judgment)

    Jungster Tag (Last Judgment)
    BY WASSILY KANDINSKY. Expresssionistic in style-- bold colors
  • The Morning Anxiety

    The Morning Anxiety
    BY GIORGIO DE CHIRICO. uses multipoint perspective
  • Nude Descending a Staircase

    Nude Descending a Staircase
    BY MARCEL DUCHAMP. Motion is implied by the repeating shapes a downward direction
  • They're Biting

    They're Biting
  • Marcel Duchamp

    Marcel Duchamp
    BY JOSEPH STELLA. Silverpoint drawings= delicacy
  • Period: to


  • Yellow Calla

    Yellow Calla
    GEORGIA O'KEEFFE. Lots of disagreement on whether work is sexual or not
  • Genesis

    BY JAUNE QUICK-TO-SEE SMITH. References old symbolism while using new painting techniques
  • Object (Le Dejeuner en fourrure)

    Object (Le Dejeuner en fourrure)
  • Guernica

  • Veranda Post: Female Caryatid and Equestrian Figure

    Veranda Post: Female Caryatid and Equestrian Figure
    By: Olowe of Ise
    In Nigeria in Africa- meant to reinforce power of local king
  • The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers

    The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers
    JOAN MIRO. imagery and title suggests dreamlike quality
  • Nighthawks

    EDWARD HOPPER. studies loneliness of city life
  • The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly

    The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly
    JAMES HAMPTON. untrained artist
  • Period: to


  • Blue Veil

    Blue Veil
    MORRIS LOUIS. formalist critics dream
  • IKB

    YVES KLEIN. patented a color
  • Panel of Independence

    Panel of Independence
    JUAN O'GORMAN. commemorated the struggle for Mexican independance
  • St. Louis Gateway Arch

    St. Louis Gateway Arch
    EERO SAARINEN AND ASSOCIATES. Federal, state, and local taxes were used to pay for this
  • Pie Counter

    Pie Counter
    WAYNE THIEBAUD. reflecting modern cafeterias/ mass production of food
  • Heinz 57 Tomato Ketchup

    Heinz 57 Tomato Ketchup
    ANDY WARHOL. blurs distinction between art and commercial packaging
  • A Bigger Splash

    A Bigger Splash
    BY DAVID HOCKNEY. acrylic used to create large areas of flat color
  • Abra III

    Abra III
  • Mirror Image I

    Mirror Image I
    BY LOUISE NEVELSON. Notice dimensionality of the all black sculpture produced by different light angles
  • The Pack (das Rudel)

    The Pack (das Rudel)
    JOSEPH BEUYS. artist is spiritual leader
  • Crinkly

    BY ALEXANDER CALDER. kinetic artwork
  • Bent Propeller

    Bent Propeller
  • Running Fence

    Running Fence
    BY CHRISTO AND JEANNE CLAUDE. transforms landscape
  • Olympic Stadium, Munich

    Olympic Stadium, Munich
    BY GUNTER BEHNISCH. Suspended steel cables hold up the roof mesh, efficiently providing shade over a large area
  • TV Buddha

    TV Buddha
    NAM JUNE PAIK. comments on technology and iconography
  • Cube and Four Panels

    Cube and Four Panels
    BY RONALD W DAVIS. Two- point perspective creates illusion of enormous, cavern- like interior space
  • Las Tres Marias

    Las Tres Marias
  • Witchetty Grub Dreaming

    Witchetty Grub Dreaming
    PATTY CARROLL TJUNGURRAYI. patterns and symbols are part of the Aboriginal belief system of the origin of life and the sustenance of everyday living
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial
    MAYA YING LIN. the white old men stepped all over a masterpiece
  • Human/Need/Desire

    BY BRUCE TRUMAN. Suggests the fluctuating motivations for human behavior
  • There is No Escape

    There is No Escape
    SUE COE. stark black-and-white is a critique of food industries
  • AIDS Memorial Quilt

    AIDS Memorial Quilt
    ordinary people contributed to the making of this work and to funding of AIDS research
  • The Morgue (Hacked to Death II)

    The Morgue (Hacked to Death II)
    ANDRES SERRANO. intimate look at violent death
  • Electronic Superhighway

    Electronic Superhighway
    NAM JUNE PAIK. comments on commercial america and all of it's technologies
  • Speechless

  • Guggenheim Bilbao

    Guggenheim Bilbao
    FRANK O CEHRY. modern abstract sculpture
  • That Profile

    That Profile
    BY MARTIN PURYEAR. large volume but little mass
  • 99 Cent

    99 Cent
    BY ANDREAS GURSKY. very large durable print
  • Tan Tan Bo

    Tan Tan Bo
    BY TAKASHI MURAKAMI. example of blurring between fine arts and popular culture
  • Easy to Remember

    Easy to Remember
    BY LORNA SIMPSON. uses new technologies combining imagery and sound
  • Junk

  • Kuba

    KUTLUG ATAMAN. brings to western audiences stories of poor groups in Turkey
  • Bear

    BY TIME HAWKINSON. Cross between a toy and monumental art
  • Black Rainbow: Explosion Project for Valencia

    Black Rainbow: Explosion Project for Valencia
    BY CAI GUO-QIANG. moves and changes with time
  • The Matter of Time

    The Matter of Time
    BY RICHARD SERRA. site specific
  • For the Love of God

    For the Love of God
    BY DAMIEN HIRST. materials add sensationalism
  • Aqueous

    BY MARGARET LAZZARI. Uses many different techniques of acrylic
  • New York City Water Falls

    New York City Water Falls
    OLAFUR ELIASSON. derives meaning from location
  • Giant Puppet Parade

    Giant Puppet Parade
    Street carnival in Brazil. associates popular culture and art making