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  • minorities (women) arent allowed to vote.

    only white men who had money could vote, women had not yet achieved the right to vote in provincial and federal elections.
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    womens rights

  • Women get the right to vote in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and in provincial elections in Alberta.

    Women have never had the right to vote in Canada. The men in control of the country perceived women as a "weaker sex" needing protection and guidance. Some believed allowing women to vote would only unsettle them and lead to family discord. Times are about to change. A generation of women - led by dynamos like Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy, Ada Powers, Josephine Dandurand and Elizabeth Smith Shortt -have lobbied, cajoled, heckled, and ridiculed politicians for denying them their rights.
  • the Provincial Election Act gives caucasian women the right to vote in B.C.

  • Torontno, Ontario, women get the right to vote

    It's old hat now, but the Ontario Franchise Act grants women the right to vote in Ontario.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

    The effects of Manitoba's decision to grant women the vote have rippled all the way to the East.
    The Nova Scotia Franchise Act gives women the right to vote in Nova Scotia's provincial elections.
  • Ottawa, Canada

    Granting women the right to vote seems to be an idea whose time has come. The War-Time Elections Act and many provinces have set a precedent that is difficult for the federal government to ignore. An Act to Confer Electoral Franchise Upon Women is a major victory for suffragettes. It grants all Caucasian women the right to vote. It is important to note that women of Asian and Aboriginal descent are excluded from this victory.
  • Fredericton, New Brunswick women get the right to vote.

    New Brunswick joins many provinces and the federal government in granting Caucasian women the right to vote. The province amends the New Brunswick Electors Act, and gives women over the age of 21 the right to vote.
  • Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 10th gov. to give women rights.

    Prince Edward Island has becomes the 10th government in Canada to grant caucasian women over 21 the vote.
  • Ottawa, Canada in the Supreme Court of Canada Building women had yet to be appointed to the Senate.

    Defining "persons" under the BNA Act
    Supreme Court of Canada Building
    Ottawa, Canada
    April 24, 1928
    Although some women have won the right to vote, Canada remains a patriarchal society. For instance, did you know that in 1928 a woman had yet to be appointed to the Senate? You may be asking yourself, "Was it because they were not encouraged, or was it because they were not eligible?" The answer is both. You see, many believed that the Constitution - the British North America Act - implied
  • British Privy Council overturns the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada and allows women to be appointed to the Senate.

    If the Supreme Court saw the glass as half empty, the Privy Council saw it as half full.
    The Law Lords decided that the intention of section 24 was not clear. The word person in itself is ambiguous. Given this ambiguity, the Council judged justice would be better served if the B.N.A. Act was given a wider interpretation if the Imperial Parliament had meant to exclude women, they should have said so.
  • last to give the vote to women.

    Québec becomes the last existing province to make it legal for women - excluding those from a racial minority already banned from voting in other provinces - to vote and run for office by signing the Act Granting to Women the Right to Vote and to be Eligible as Candidates.
  • womens voting,

    in most counrties women have the right to vote, in the ones that we arent, that will be changing soon!