Women and the Law

  • First Female Workers Riot

    ~Parramatta Female Factory
    ~Conditions and food deprivation
  • First Australian Sufferage Society

    ~Henrietta Dugdale, Vida Goldstein & Annie Lowe formed the Victorian Women's Sufferage Society
  • Organising Women's Suffrage

    ~Women's Suffrage League formed in SA
  • Voting and Women

    Women equal right to vote
  • Women win the vote in WA

    WA women win the vote for the Queen to approve they could vote
  • Australian Constitution

    Queen Victoria restates Australia's law
  • Federal Suffrage

    grants women the right to vote and stand for the election
  • First Australian Women stand for Federal Parliament Elections

    Vida Goldstein, Nellie Martel & Mary Ann Moore Bently Stand for the senate, and Selina Siggins for the seat of dalley in the house of Reps
  • Votes for women in Tasmania

    Tasmanian women won an equal right with men to vote
  • Australian Exihbition of Women's Work opens

    Australian Exihbition of Women's Work opens in Melbourne by Lady Northcote, with Pattie Dekin
  • Votes for Women in Victoria

    Women in Victoria won and equal right to vote with men
  • First women elected to an Austrlian Parliament

    Edith Cowan
    server for 3 years and 10 days
  • Australian Fedaration of Women Voters

    Bessie Rischbeith founded this federated body
  • First Women Member Speaks in the NSW Parliament

    Millicent Preston-Stanley delivered her first speech after 2 weeks of the opening