womans rights

By mh645
  • vote in ontario

    In Ontario, women with property, married or single, have the right to vote for school trustees.
  • Upper Canada

    LAw allows married woman to own property.
  • Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association

    The Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association is created from The Canadian Women's Suffrage Association and campaigns for the vote for women.
  • charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

    following the national trend they are given the same legacy capacity as men.
  • Criminal code

    Amended to criminalize the abduction of woman.
  • Blue birds

    Obtan the right to vote after the Confederation.
  • first province to give mothers rights

    B,C becomes the first provine to give mothers the same rights over their children as fathers.
  • Quedec

    Woman gained the right to vore for the office in Quebec provincial elections.
  • Regina, Saskechewan

    An act to amend the saskechewan Election Act grants woman the right to vote in saskechewan.
  • The famous five

    Woman was included as persons eligible for appointiment to the senate.