woman suffrage

By uk2k
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    The first womans convetion to discuss voting rights. Woman were split over the 14th amendments. Some thought these admendments should include women
  • Wyoming

    Tried three different approaches, first was to convince state legislatures to grant women right to vote. 2nd was achieved a vitory in the territory of Wyoming.
  • Illegal voting

    Susan B. Anthony and othr women tested that question by attemting to vote at least 150 times in ten states and the distric of coloumbia.
  • Supreme court decision

    Women were indeed citizens- but then denied that citizenship automatically conferred right to vote.
  • NASWA formed

    Formed a group to protest the right to vote, many men feared that because it would change womens society.
  • Carrie Chapman Catt

    Carrie Chapman begin the NAWSA and complished 5 tactics after she returned to the group. 1) painstaking orginzation; 2) close ties between local, state, and national workers. 3) establishing a wide base of support.
  • triangle shirtwaist fire

    146 women died in a triangle shirtwaist factory. many women middle and upper class entered the public sphere.
  • NAWSA tactics

    the tactics were followed by carrie catt Catious lady like behavoir, and painstaking organizaton, and close tie between local stante and federal goverments
  • more radical tactics

    pressured goverment to pass a suffrage amendment. but some of the piciters were arrested and went to jail.
  • 19th amendment

    congress passed amendment for womans right to vote after the war. it took 72 years to get the right to vote of woman.