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What occured at Tiananmen?

  • Death of Hu Yaobang

    Death of Hu Yaobang
    He was the former general secretary of teh Chinese Communist Party, beleived by many to be in favour of reform.
  • Period: to

    What occured at Tiananmen

  • Student mettings

    Student mettings
    Students at Beijing universities hold meetings, put up posters with lines such as 'Anyone but Hu should have died'.
  • Wreaths honouring Hu Yaobang

    Wreaths honouring Hu Yaobang
    Wreaths in honour of Hu appear in Tiananmen Square in Beiijing. About 3000 students demonsrtrate in the Square and deliver a petition to the Government asking, among other things, for and end to corruption and guaruntees for freedom fo speech and the press.
  • More demonstrations

    There are further demonstrations in Beijing, and other cities. Over 100 scientists add their voices to the call for dramatic reforms.
  • A Historical demonstration

    A Historical demonstration
    The biggest demonstration int he hisotry of the People's Republic takes place in Beijing. One slogan reads: 'History will never forget 27 April'. There are deomstrations in sympathy in Hong Kong, Taiwan and England.
  • Anniversary of the Chinese Pride demonstrations

    On the anniversay of the famous Chinese proide demonstrations in 1919, seen by many as the beginning of modern China,, students througout China demand the end of the 'corrputed leadership'. In many places, intellectuals and workers have joined the students.
  • Hunger Strike

    Hunger Strike
    Beijing students begin a hunger strike 'Without democracy we would rather die'. Twenty thousand supporters gather in Tiananmen Square
  • The hunger strike continues

    The hunger strike continues
    There are now 3000 hunger strikers, of whom 600 have been hospitlaised. Beijing High School students take to the streets. Meanwhile Soviet Leader Gorbachev is visiting Beijing.
  • Two million demonstrate in Beijing.

    Two million demonstrate in Beijing.
    Premier Li Peng meets with student leaders. There are demonstrations or hunger strikes elsewhere in China, including Shanghai and Chengdu
  • Official hosptital visits

    Premier Li an part Secretary Zhao Ziyang visit hunger strikers in Tiananmen. Zhao Ziyang is reported to have wept.
  • People's Liberation troops enter Beijing

    People's Liberation troops enter Beijing
    Premier Li comes out against the student movement, labelling it 'turmoil'. President Yang Shangkun announces People's Liberation Troops will eneter Beiking to 'keep order'. Zhao Ziyang is not present at this meeting. Li Peng and Mayor Chen Xitong declare Martial Law.
  • Zhao Ziyang is stripped of office.

    Zhao Ziyang is stripped of office.
    Zhao Ziyang is officually stripped of office and rumoured to be under house arrest. he is officially dismisse five days later.
  • Beijing is surrounded

    Beijing is surroinded by troops. The government denies that they will be used against the students.
  • The Goddess of Democracy

    The Goddess of Democracy
    The white 'Goddess of democracy' is erected in Tiananmen Square. Students decide they will leave the Square if the Goverment agrees to four demands
    1. end martial law
    2. march the army out of Beijing
    3. promise no reprisals against the students or their supporters;
    4. guaruntee freedom of the press. The Tiananmen Square Administratoins issues a statement saying the 'goddess of democracy' is an 'insult to the dignity of our country and the image of our nation'.
  • The deaths begin

    Beijing is now surrounded by about 20000 tropps. A speeding police car kills two people, there are injuried to others. Citizens demonstrate in anger, erect obstacles to prevent tropps entering the Square. Hou Dejian (a rock star), Liu Xiaobao (an academic and a famous writer) and two other notables join the hunger strikers in the Sqaure.
  • Troops enter the Square

    Troops enter the Square
    Fromt the 3rd - 4th June Troops enter the Square in the early hours of the morning. Eye witnesess say many people are killed both in and around the Square as students tried to leave,