What Led to This Period wujzhangj

By JW8007
  • Jan 1, 1215

    Magna Carta Signed

    The signing of this document change the powero f a monarch=, which became limited.
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Native Americans live in the ten major cultutral regions north of Mexico

    Two of these major cultural regions are Northwest Coast and California.
  • African slaves first brought to the United States, Specifically Jamestown, Virginia

    They were brought here because they were indentured servants (at first they could buy land and servants after their work was finished, but this eventurally became slaves.
    The African slaves, had to work on tobacco which was the first cash crop for North America. The Americans purchases the slaves from the Dutch traders. By 1660, the African slaves' population is more than the whites.
  • Mayflower Compact signed

    The purpose of the Mayflower Compact is that it described the way they would govern themselves in the new world.
  • First Permanent English Colony Established in America

    The name of this colony is Massachasetts New England Colony.The name of the group of merchantsthat formed it are Puritans. http://www.apstudynotes.org/us-history/topics/the-new-england-colonies/ I learned that the Puritans believed that everything was set by God, so they worked together peacefully, believing that prosperity and harmony would be the result of this. They believed in predestination, which is the belief that God has planned out dest
  • First thanksgiving, Celebrated by the prilgrims and the Indians

  • America's first law guaranteeing religious liberty passed

    The law was called Act Concerning Religion.
  • English take control of the sttlement of New Netherland

    The colony was renamed New York.
  • Fear of Witchcraft begin in Salem, Massachusetts

    I learned that during this time, people turned against each other, accusing each other to be witches without proper defense behind their accusations. It took a long time before the craze died down and people stopped accusing others.
  • Enslaved Africans living in every colony

  • First Great Awakening begin

    The movement started because people had a feeling that they had lost their religious faith.
  • 13 Birtish colonies in North America established

  • King George III Crowned

  • Prime Minister Gortge Grenville propose the Stamp Act

    The law require the colonists to buy a stamp for every piece of paper they used.
  • The Quartering Act passed

    THe law require the troops to live in colonistshouses and provide things for the troops to eat, drink, and etc.
  • The Townshed Acts passed

    The law require paying duty and tax on certain goods the colonies imported from British.
  • Parliament pass the Intolerable Acts

  • First Contimemtal Congress

  • The Revolutionay War

  • Paul Revere warn colonists that the British were coming

  • Second Continental Congress

  • Common Sense published

    The author of this pamphlet is Thomeas Paine.
  • Delegates Sign the Declaration of Independence

  • British Surrender to American troops

    France had become an ally of America during the war.
  • The Treat of Paris signed

    On effect of this treaty is loyalists left the United states and went to became limited