Westward Timeline

  • Louisiana Purchase

    It happen when Thomas Jefferson was buy the west side of the U.S from France
  • Period: to

    Westward Timeline

    What happen during westward expansion
  • California Gold rush

    People were going to california to get gold. And they were a very little chance to get a lot of gold
  • Home stead act

    The people from the east went to the west to get a new start from east. Cause it was cheaper cause the government wanted people to move west.
  • Completion of the transcontinetal railroad

    This was big for the white so they can get to west to east easier to and this was bad for the Native Americans. Cause they live where the white people were building the railroad and they had to move the Indians to another place.
  • The invention of barbed wire

    They made barbed wire cause cattle were making crops of famers worse and they were destroying it.
  • The battle of little bighorn

    There was this man name lieutenant Custer and he wanted gold from the reservation of the native and he charge into the native reservation and he got attack cause he split he army into three groups and that was a bad idea to split cause they all died . And the only reason he died cause settlers went into the reservation and found gold.
  • The Dawes Act

    It let people that were native or tribe have rights for territories and that will make peace between the native and the white people
  • Wounded knee massacare

    The white soldiers sneak attack the native americans they killed 200 plus of children and mothers