Westward Expansion

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  • Acquisition of Florida

    The Acquisition of Florida was when the U.S bought Florida from Spain. In the beginning though the future president Andrew Jackson was sent down to Florida by Monroe to capture run away slaves and native Americans. He was told to not go against the governors in place there. However he completely ignored this and fought with Spain. In the end, Sec'y of State John Q. Adams arranged the purchase of Florida to avoid war with Spain.
  • Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise happened after the Missouri became a state. Missouri was a slave state which out numbered the free states. This caused for concern since there would now be more slave state representatives than free state representatives. To fix this Henry Clay created a two part plan. First he suggested that Maine become a state and have it be a free state. The second part of his plan was creating the 36 30 compromise so any new state that was under that ling would be a slave state.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    During the Jefferson's Presidency and at the same time as Napoleons dictatorship and take over. It started with Spain losing control of New Orleans to France then Jefferson sent James Monroe and Robert R Livingston to negotiate a deal to buy New Orleans for a certain price but get offered the whole Louisiana territory for 15 million dollars. This was a steal and the bought it with out hesitation. It was so cheap because Napoleon was desperate for money.
  • Annexation of Texas

    Texas was owned by Mexico after they won their independence. Stephen Austin and his followers moved down to Texas with the understanding that they would be Roman Catholic and be Mexicanized. In the end a war broke out between Mexico and the American Texans with the American Texans coming out on top and starting the Texan Republic. The U.S then annexed Texas as a slave state.
  • Acquisition of Oregon

    We disputed with Britain over who would get the Oregon land after the America made a deal with Russia who had a claim in the land as well. James Polk's phrase was 48 50 or fight. So we created a line right through the Oregon territory that was one side Britain and the other side America.
  • Donner Party

    A group of 90 immigrants left Illinois to go to California. They were led by brothers Jacob and George Donner. They attempted to take a short cut, but ended up getting trapped in rough terrain with heavy snow fall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The only way they could survive through the winter was to resort to cannibalism. Only half the group made to to California the following year and the story quickly spread.
  • Mexican America War and Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

    Occurred after the US annexed Texas. Mexico claimed the Texan Mexican border was Nieces River and the the US claimed it was the Rio Grande River, causing war. After America defeated the Mexican army and their capitol the Mexican gov't surrendered and peace talk began. Nicholas Trist and General Winfield Scott negotiated the treaty. The terms of the treaty were that the new boundary at the Rio Grande River and they paid 15,000,000 for more than 525,000 square miles.
  • Discovery of Gold in California

    As many waited for the fighting California to stop Mormons went to work for Johann Sutter. After the peace was established Sutter moved out to California with his James Marshall were that built a sawmill. Their workers were set to work deepening the stream so the mill race would have decent power. Marshall went down to look at the stream after it was finished and found gold. News spread of gold in California and men left their jobs to search for gold in California.
  • Compromise of 1850

  • Gadsden Purchase

  • Kansas Nebraska Act