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Westward Expansion

  • The Sand Creek Massacre

    The Sand Creek Massacre
    The government was telling lies, leading to violence. The Cheyenne raided ranches so the army offered safety and if they went back to the reservation, however, the US never gave them the money and killed an estimated 70-500 natives.
  • The 7th Cavalry

    The 7th Cavalry
    Custer’s 7th Cavalry went in to subdue them but he foolishly attacked a force of 2500 with only 250 in Montana and was wiped out. Custer sent a third of his army to attack a group of Indians in the valley and sent others to go get the children and wife and use them as prisoners because he felt they wouldn’t be touched. What he didn’t know was that there were braves sleeping in the village, he thought it was just women and children
  • The Great Sioux War

    The Great Sioux War
    It is also known as the Black Hills War. It was several of battles and along with negotiations between the natives and US. They were fighting over who had ownership of the Black Hills. The US gave the hills to the Natives, even though they were there first, but when they discovered there was gold, the US took 90% of the land back which the Natives did not appreciate.
  • Battle of Little Big Horn

    Battle of Little Big Horn
    Thousands of gold miners rushed into the area, Indians are mortified because the Black Hills were supposed to be theirs only. The Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho went on the warpath against the miners. The government sent Custer to get rid of the threat to the miners. But things didn't go as planned. There was poor communication between Custer and his fellow leaders. Indians wan the battle and Custer was killed.
  • Battle of Wounded Knee

    Battle of Wounded Knee
    Last major conflict between the US army and Native Americans. Local white ranchers accused native Americans for getting ready for war when they performed ghost dance, they were just trying to reconnect with their past life. The US investigated by charging into the village and killing everyone there