Westward Expansion

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    Westward Expansion

  • Treaty of Fort Larmine

    There were articles in treaty and concluded at fort larmin. It was in the indian territory between D.D
  • Homestead Act

    Freeman became the first to take advantage of oppertunities. A law sighned by president abraham lincoln.
  • 1867 Indian Peace Commision Established

    Congress established the indan commision on july 20th. They wanted peace with the plains.
  • Transcational Railroad Completed

    Two tracks are joinedat the United at the elaborate promtony. this happend on May 10, 1869
  • 1876 Battle of Bighorn

    sioux and chyenne indans left reservations and outradgeds over the continued insititions. the gathered montana with great warrior sitting.
  • 1886 End of Cattle Boom

    There were too many cattle and the open-range declined due to barbed wire. So they ended the Great plains.
  • Dawes Act

    congressman henry dawes of massachettes sponserd a landmark. the General alotment in 1887 and it disigned the breakup of the tribes and promote the assimilation.
  • 1889 Okaloma Land Rush

    the opened a white settlement of the indian territory in okaloma.Two places--Oklahoma Station and Guthrie Station--seemed particularly well located for eventual urban development.
  • Closing the Frontier

    superintendent of the U.S census announced the rapid western settlement that maeant there is a less be said to be a frontier line. 3 million families started farms of Great Valleys
  • 1890 Battle of Wondered Knee

    Last battle of american Indian wars. their were series of conflicts.
    Conflicts were spanning 268 years.
  • 1892 Populist Party Founded

    founded by the president grover. formed by groups of the grange and farmers.
  • William Jenning Bryan's 'Cross of Gold" Speech

    M ost popular speech in political recoureces. It was about the ratio of sliver Gold.