Westward Expansion

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    Westward Expansion

  • Treaty of Fort Laramie

    Articles of a treaty made and concluded at Fort Laramie. there were 8 articles.
  • Homestead Act

    An act to secure homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain.
  • Indian Peace Commission established

    Congress, in the passage of the law, seemed to indicate the policy of collecting at some early day all the Indians east of the Rocky mountains on one or more reservations.When the act was passed, war was being openly waged by several hostile tribes, and great diversity of opinion existed among the officials of the government, and no less diversity among our people, as to the means best adapted to meet it.
  • Transcontiinental Railroad completed

  • Battle of Litttle Bighorn

    The Battle of the Little Bighorn, fought on June 25, 1876, near the Little Bighorn River in Montana Territory, pitted federal troops led by Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer against a band of Northern Plains Indians (Dakota Sioux and Northern Cheyenne).
  • End of cattle boom

  • Dawes Act

    The Dawes Act was put in act on February 8, 1887 regarding the distribution of land to Native Americans in Oklahoma. Named after its sponsor, U.S. Senator Henry L. Dawes of Massachusetts, the act was.
  • Oklahoma Land Rush

    In 1889 the opening to white settlement of a choice portion of Indian Territory in Oklahoma set off one of the most bizarre and chaotic episodes of town founding in world history.
  • Closing of the frontier

    The frontier was gradually pushed westward, and as this happened Americans became more and more divorced from the European way of life.
  • Battle of Wounded Knee

    In December of 1890, a catastrophic event shook the Native American community, and well might have been the final act that resulted in the eventual depletion of the Native population and culture.
  • Populist Party founded

    It wasn’t until 1892 that the People’s or Populist Party was formally organized.
  • William Jenning Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech