War on the Plains

Timeline created by HayleeBiel
  • Great Plains Reservation

    Federal government passes an act that designates the entire Great Plains as one enormous reservation, or land set aside for Native American tribes.
  • Government Treaties

    Government changes policy and creates treaties that defines specific boundaries for each tribe.
  • Massacre at Sand Creek

    Chivington and his troops desended on the Cheyenne and Arapaho, who were camping at Sand Creek, killing over 150 inhabitants, mostly women and children.
  • Battle of the Hundred Slain/Fetterman Massacre

    Crazy Horse ambushed Captain William J. Fetterman and his company at Lodge Trail Ridge. Over 80 soldiers were killed.
  • Treaty of Fort Laramie

    Sioux agreed to live on a reservation along the Missouri River. This treaty was forced upon the learders of the Sioux.
  • Period: to

    Gold Rush

    Colonel George A. Custer reported that the Black Hills had gold and that a gold rush was on.
  • Custer's Last Stand

    Led by Crazy Horse, Gall, and Sitting Bull, the warriors outflanked and crushes Custer's troops. Within one hour, Custer and all of his men in the Seventh Cavalry were dead.
  • Dawes Act

    This act broke up the reservations and gave some of the reservation land to individual Native Americans. Government will sell the remainder of the land to the settlers.
  • Wounded Knee

    On this date, Custer's old regiment, the Seventh Cavalry rounded about 350 starving and freezing Sioux and took them to a camp at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota. The next day fighting broke out and within minutes, the Seventh Calvary killed 300 Native Americans.