War on the Plains

Timeline created by patient!
  • Great plains resorvation

    Entire Great Plains as one reservation
  • Specific Boundries

    specific boundries were set for each tribe but the tribes still hunted on the land they wanted to.
  • Massacre at sand creek

    killed over 150 inhabitants, mostly women and children
  • Hundred Slain

    Crazy Horse attacts William Fetterman and killed 80 of them.
  • Treaty of Fort Latamie

    Sioux agreed to live in reservations along the mississippi river
  • Period: to

    Red river war

    herding friendly tribes onto reservations and shooting the rest.
  • Sitting Bull

    Sitting Bulland a few followers went to Canada to take refuge.
  • Dawes Act

    aimed to Americanizes the Natives. 160 acres to each head of house hold and 80 acres to unmarried adults. Sold the rest to the whites and used tht money for them to buy equipment.
  • wounded knee

    custers old regiment rounded up 350 starving and freezing natives and took them to wounded knee creek. next day soldiers told the native to give up their wepons. a shot was fired, unknown by who, deadly cannon was shot 300 mostly unarmed natives were shot.