War of The Plains

  • Plains Reservation

    Plains Reservation
    The plains was made a reservation.
  • Boundries of Reservation

    Boundries of Reservation
    The boundries were made for different tribes had to stay in different places
  • Attack on the Cheyenne

    Attack on the Cheyenne
    over 150 Natives died from getting attacked by militia.
  • Battle of Hundred Slain

    Battle of Hundred Slain
    80 militia were killed because they got ambushed
  • Treaty of Fort Laramie

    Treaty of Fort Laramie
    Natives were forced to live on the reservation along Missouri river
  • Period: to

    Red River War

    army killed all native warriors, brought back women and children, crushed resistance on plains.
  • Little Big Horn battle

    Little Big Horn battle
    Natives were ready for army to come and outflanked and crushed troops.
  • Dawes act

    Dawes act
    act to americanize natives. it also broke up the reservations and gave some land to individual Natives
  • Wounded Knee

    Wounded Knee
    the soldiers killed over 300 natives that were freezing and starving because they heard a shot.