Walk hand in hand with Gandhi by Corde Alanis

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  • Indian First Rebellion

    Indian First Rebellion
    The Indian rebellion began as a mutiny of sepoys in the town of Meerut
  • The Rebellion Continues

    The Rebellion Continues
    The Indian independence continued, and led to the dissolution of the East India Company
  • The Hindu Indian National Congress

    The Hindu Indian National Congress
    A group called the Hindu Indian National Congress or Congress party was formed to rid India of foreign rule
  • Muslim League

    Muslim League
    A group called Muslim League was formed to rid India of foreign rule
  • Expectations

    Indian troops returned home from war expecting Britain to fulfill its promise, but instead they were once again treated as second-class citizens
  • Rowlatt Acts

    Rowlatt Acts
    The British passed the Rowlatt Acts which are laws that allows the government to jail protesters without trial for as long as two years
  • Amritsar Massacre

    Amritsar Massacre
    The Amritsar Massacre occurred, around 10,000 Hindus and Muslims died to protect the Rowlatt Acts
  • Nonviolence

    The Congress Party endorsed civil disobedience, the deliberate and public refusal to obey an unjust law, and nonviolence as the means to achieve independence
  • Ask for permission

    Ask for permission
    The Congress asks for the status of domination of India to the British
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    There was a major economic downfall in the whole world that also affected India making India into crisis, this is called The Great Depression
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Gandhi organized a demonstration to defy the hated Salt Acts. According to British laws, Indians needed to only buy salt from the government, and had to pay taxes. To defy the government, Gandhi walked 240 miles to the seacoast with his followers, there they made salt and broke the British law
  • British grant SOME independence

    British grant SOME independence
    British gave Indian's provinces more independence, and direct elections were scheduled for winter 1936 for the Legislative Assembly
  • Indian National Congress wins

    Indian National Congress wins
    The Indian National Congress wins majority of the Legislative Assembly elections, they gain 9 of 11 provinces but still under the British supervision
  • Gandhi feasts

    Gandhi feasts
    Gandhi starts feasting in Bombay to make people stop the violence.
  • Indian Independence Act

    Indian Independence Act
    The British passed the Indian’s Independence Act
  • Gandhi gets killed

    Gandhi gets killed
    Gandhi was killed by Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte, were he was about to take his prayers, he was shot three times
  • Indira Gandhi

    Indira Gandhi
    Nehru's daughter was chosen prime minister