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Vista Visions Academy in 2020

  • VVA Opened

  • Period: to

    Education in 2020

  • HS begins use of Haiku for blended/online courses

  • Paper use/costs cut dramatically since classes moved online; teachers begin revision of curriculum to include more critical thinking and problem solving (applied skills)

  • VVA increased enrollment of inter-district transfers due to increased use of technology and project based learning

  • K-8 moves to online textbooks/assignments; more project based application in on-campus classes

  • Concurrent enrollment in VVA blended/online classes across sites common in VUSD

  • All K-12 students participate in projects that require them to apply knowledge and skills as part of required curriculum

  • VVA begins community internship programs for juniors and seniors

  • VVA students set 4-year and 1-year goals and determine their progress in individualized curriculum

  • All students course of study includes world languages, interdisciplinary projects, digital literacy/citizenship, and community service projects

  • VVA is model of educational excellence and innovation